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So how many of you are still alive after watching the music video? Haha ok well it was pretty much as epic as the teasers indicated! I’ll breakdown my review to a couple of sections such as the music itself, interpretation of the video, and their costumes/style.

The Music

The song starts off with the beautiful piano playing a tragic and sad tune. In an instant I knew it was gonna be a heartbreaking song. Then T.O.P and GD comes in and starts rapping alternately while the piano beat picks up, getting faster and livelier. I really love TOP’s deep voice while rapping the first part! *swoons*.

The rest of the song is a beautiful mix of Taeyang, Daesung, and Seungri’s vocals mixed with some rap from GD & TOP in between.  The chorus is really catchy with the line going like “I love you! Baby i’m not a monster!…I need you! Baby i’m not a monster!”. Near the end, the beat slows down and the slight sound of a slow heartbeat is heard and suddenly the piano keys banged in one loud dramatic tone marking the start of the lively chorus again .  Soon after, the beat slows down once more with the violins playing a slow sorrowful tune and GD repeating the words  “I think i’m sick…i think i’m sick” and thus marking the end of one epic song!

Overall I think the music was beautifully done by switching between the slow and fast paced parts. I also liked how smoothly the rap parts blend together with the rest of the song. I fell in love with it on the first listen!

Interpretation of The Video

The video starts with a shaky scene in a war zone kinda prison. You could also hear the sound of a creature panting in the background which  seems like it’s running away from something that is attacking it. Then throughout the video you see all the members running away while security cameras record and track their moves. My interpretation on this part is that they feel like they’re a trapped in a prison probably due to how they are always under a constant watch by the society and are always attacked by them over every small mistake that they make. They are judged heavily and treated like monsters and so they make a desperate attempt to escape from this “prison” and run away from it all.

Due to the society’s perception on them, they also start to see themselves as monsters and hence their monster-like image throughout the video. They are also seen destroying some mannequins at one point of the video which I interpret it as destroying those who get in their way from reaching happiness. Throughout the chorus they sing “I love you! Baby I’m Not a Monster!…I need you! Baby I’m Not A Monster! which I think is their desperate call to their loved ones in convincing them that they are not monsters and that they need them now at this crucial and vulnerable moment.

Towards the end they are all seen bolting out of the crumbling prison and at the end GD is seen escaping into a barren and empty frozen land. The sound of heavy breathing from a creature is heard again as it endlessly roams in the empty land ahead. How I see this last part is that after they break out of their so called “prison” they find no one there and so they continue searching for someone who will accept them for their flaws and someone who does not see them as a monster. But until then, they will walk a cold lonely path in this cold world.

So that’s my creative and dramatic interpretation on the video. Don’t take it all too seriously. I just came up with it along the way. ^^


So first up is T.O.P. I’m really digging that outfit with the cape. Very classy! Not so much into the hat though because it’s covering his beautiful brown her which I love so much! This style kinda reminds me of a sexified version of Phantom of The Opera. His best look would be the costume with the cape minus the hat and also that light brown jacket which kinda looks like a straitjacket and with the shackles on his hands. Such a vicious yet beautiful creature!

Next up is GD! Ok lets talk about that long blonde mushroom-like hairstyle. I’m gonna be honest and say that I don’t like that look on him. But I gotta admit it has this kinda vogue vibe to it. ^^ His best look in my opinion is with the red and horn-like hair. It’s so unique and awesome on him! I also like the part where he was crouching over with all the wires attached to his costume! It looked really cool. :D

As for Daesung, I like him with the messy spiky hair the best. But not digging those huge nose rings. It must have felt really uncomfortable to put those on. :S  As for his other look which is topless with the furry thing on his arm. I dunno…that furry thing was kinda overkill for me. So I prefer the other look.

Next up is Seungri! Honestly…I don’t really like the costumes that he had to work with. It was all like jackets with busy designs. I think the stylists could have come up with something better for him. But if I had to choose one style among it all, I’d say the black and white jacket with the triangle patterns and straps in the front was the best compared to the rest of his costumes.

Finally we have Taeyang. Let’s talk about his most eye-catching style which is the one with the “mickey mouse” hair and super huge shiny bling around his neck! Wow I dunno what the stylist was thinking when they did his hair, but it looks kinda cute as opposed to his bad boy kinda style that he’s rocking. My fav look from him is the black outfit with the straps from top to bottom and the tall spiky hair.

Well that’s all for the review. I really enjoyed the concept and music for Monster and I really feel like they’ve taken it up to another level with this beautiful music video. Here’s some random screencaps I took from the video. It’s in HD….yes prettyyy! Please don’t take these out and repost on other places. Thanks!

Screencapped and blogged by: purpleminds.wordpress.com

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