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I went for the ticket launch yesterday with a friend. The launch started at 10.30am, but by the time my friend and I arrived there at about 10.30am, there was already a HUGE crowd in line. We were practically at the end of the line despite being on time. There were a number of fans who stayed overnight from the previous day! So my friend and I stayed in queue for around 3 hours until we finally reached the ticketing counter. It was really tiring! But i’m glad I managed to get my tickets anyway. :)

From the pictures below you can see that the queue stretched all the way outside and around the shopping mall itself up till the carpark! There were reportedly 3500 people in queue on that day. So you can just imagine how crowded it was! The interesting thing that i’ve noticed while waiting in line the whole time was how organized the fans were. Everyone followed the queue obediently and patiently. There was also an interesting mix of fans there ranging from fangirls, fanboys (a lot of them actually), middle-aged fans, parents buying for their kids, and fans of all races!

On the first day of the launch they managed to sell off 95% of the tickets! With the VIP tickets sold out within minutes!

As of the latest post yesterday from the organizer , here’s the ticket status:

Sold out: Categories 1-4 (RM 688, 588, 488, 388) 
Still available: Categories 5-8 (RM 288, 198, 188, 98) 

However after I checked both TicketCharge and Redtix this morning, all the tickets appear to be sold out on TicketCharge and Redtix displayed an error message when I clicked on the “buy” button. So I assume the tickets are sold out there as well. So congrats to those who managed to get the tickets! Looks like it’s a full house at Stadium Merdeka! Really looking forward to it! Now I just need to get myself a lightstick and i’m all set! :D

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  1. Still got sell ?

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