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About Site

When was the site opened?

2nd October 2009.

What will you find here?

This is where i’ll be putting in all my icons, banners, & etc on both J-artists and K-artists. I’ll also be posting up some random news and posts about these artists. :3 I may tend to lean more toward kpop-related posts as i’m a huge fan of that at the moment as compared to jpop/jrock stuff. Oh and i’m from Malaysia. So you’ll probably find a number of posts about kpop events happening here in my place too. ;)

Why was it created?

I’ve previously been designing stuff for anime/games and even have my own site for those things. But now i’ve taken a huge interest in designing stuff related to these j-artists/k-artsists too. So i needed a new place to upload my stuff. And that’s how Purple Minds was created.

Why was it named Purple Minds?

“Purple” well because it’s my fav color and “Minds” because this is where all my ideas and thoughts are translated into imagery and words. =)

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