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[Projects] PurpleMinds Kpop Follower Wallpaper Project

Hey guys! Last year I had a Christmas twitter layout project. But I didn’t have time to do that this year. But instead I thought of this one. So what’s this whole project about? Well it’s mainly for a little appreciation to my twitter followers and well to be honest, it’s also to get more publicity for my blog. Any other blogger would like their stories and post to be heard by everyone right? So it would be great if mines could get a bit more exposure and a great way to do that is through twitter! :D

So here’s the deal. If I can get at least 200 twitter followers by the end of this year, then i’ll make a kpop wallpaper dedicated to all my followers. I currently have 147. So just another 53 more to go within the next 10 days. And how is this special to the followers? Well i’ll have your twitter names featured in the wallpaper too! (Yes ALL my followers will be featured in it in a typography kpop design). (more…)

[Projects] Baju Melayu for Big Bang

GD&TOP and Seungri of Big Bang are making their way to Malaysia for the first time ever on 24th Sept 2011 for the Korean Music Wave concert. So to make this a memorable trip for them, vips over at MY-VIP will be giving Big Bang a special gift. For those of you who don’t know what a Baju Melayu is, well it’s a traditional costume worn by Malay guys in Malaysia and usually worn during particular festivities and celebrations. Curious on what it looks like? :) Simply google for “baju melayu” and you will see a lot of lovely examples. ;)

It seems that they have already bought a couple of baju melayu’s for them. You can have a look over at MY-VIP’s facebook page. So far it says the deadline is tomorrow (19th Sept). For more details see here.

I’m dying to see them wear these clothes! So i hope someone will post the pics online when they do actually wear it one day (hopefully) lol. xD So in the mean time, i’ve photoshopped T.O.P’s face on a baju melayu. Haha wanna see? Stay tuned…it will be up on my tumblr soon. :D

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