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[Review] A Close Look at BigBang’s Alive Mini Album + Poster

My album + poster came in this evening and so I thought I’d take a few pics and review the packaging of the album itself. I got the T.O.P cover btw.  (more…)

[Overview] GD&TOP Album + Poster

So i’m back from my trip in Korea, and this is one of the albums which i bought while i was there. I bought this one from Hottracks in Kyobo Bookstore in Jamsil. The original price tag was 16,500won. But when i went to the counter to pay for it, the amount was only 14,220won. I think i got a discount or something. xD Lol i dunno…the receipt is in Korean. ^^; (more…)

[Scans] [HQ] JYJ: The Beginning Album

[tweetmeme source=”purple_minds” http://wp.me/pEU4o-k0%5D

The album. Pretty nice box design. :)

I bought it at the showcase in Malaysia with the promo price of RM50 + free poster. :D The box is the foldable type which is kinda nice but my only gripe is that it can’t really close. They should have used like a magnet thingy or something to allow it to close properly. :/ But other than that, it’s a nice looking piece of packaging. :) It also comes along with a small booklet with their photos and lyrics in it. Really good eye candy in there! Here’s a sample of some of the scans which i’ve taken. There’s a total of 12 scans. To download the whole thing click the download button below. The file size is quite big because the scans are kinda huge. ;)

[Scans] Tohoshinki: The Secret Code Album

I bought this about 2 weeks ago. It’s a 2CD + DVD album set.


G-Dragon Heartbreaker CD + Scans

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I’ve finally bought my own G-Dragon Heartbreaker album today!! Woot woot! I got it for RM73. =) It also came along with one seriously huge poster of GD. ♥ Please do not redistribute these images anywhere else without my permission.

Scans (self-scanned):

Download scans zip file: Here.

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