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[Projects] PurpleMinds Kpop Follower Wallpaper Project

Hey guys! Last year I had a Christmas twitter layout project. But I didn’t have time to do that this year. But instead I thought of this one. So what’s this whole project about? Well it’s mainly for a little appreciation to my twitter followers and well to be honest, it’s also to get more publicity for my blog. Any other blogger would like their stories and post to be heard by everyone right? So it would be great if mines could get a bit more exposure and a great way to do that is through twitter! :D

So here’s the deal. If I can get at least 200 twitter followers by the end of this year, then i’ll make a kpop wallpaper dedicated to all my followers. I currently have 147. So just another 53 more to go within the next 10 days. And how is this special to the followers? Well i’ll have your twitter names featured in the wallpaper too! (Yes ALL my followers will be featured in it in a typography kpop design). (more…)

[News] Korean social network “me2day” is now available in English

Among the verified celebrity accounts you can add are of BigBang, SHINee, 2AM, 2NE1, 2PM, MBLAQ, U-Kiss, F(x), MissA, and many more. It’s really simple to create an account now that it’s in English. But before you get too happy about that, keep in mind, the celebrities there mostly post in Korean so there’s still no translation tool for that. Looks like it’s back to good old weird Korean-English translations from Google Translate for that. ^^ (more…)

[Announcement] Twitter Layout Giveaway – Winners

Thanks to everyone who participated in my Christmas Giveaway. ♥ So after generating 3 random numbers from Random.org, the 3 winning entrants are @Ashihana, @_winkhyuk, and @Iszchun. Congrats! :D (more…)

[Twitter Layout][Giveaway] PurpleMinds Xmas Giveaway!

As a thanks to all my followers, i will be giving 3 of my lucky followers a custom made twitter layout. That means you get to choose how you want your layout to be (the colors, pictures, etc). Yup personalized.  :D Just make sure it’s appropriate for general viewing and is related to jpop/jrock/kpop. (more…)

[Announcement] Site’s Twitter, LiveJournal, & Tumblr

[tweetmeme source=”purple_minds” http://wp.me/pEU4o-kM%5D Hey all! I’ve recently opened up a tumblr account for the site. So some of you may be wondering how i use these various accounts. So i’ll give a brief description on that.

Consider this as the main base. xD All the main updates on my bloggings, news, graphic designs, and etc are posted here. Basically anything and everything i update will be posted here. (more…)

[Announcement] Sub-Site and Projects

[tweetmeme source=”purple_minds” http://wp.me/pEU4o-bV%5D

I’ve opened up a sub-site over at Live Journal specifically for my graphics work such as wallpapers, icons, etc. Basically if you’re mainly interested in only my graphics work, just check up on the updates there ok. But of course i’ll also be posting it here too. So you can still get the updates here as well. It’s just that the updates here will be a mix of my kpop blogging, news, graphics and practically everything else. ;D Visit my Live Journal sub-site here: Link

On another note, i’ve added a new project under the “Projects and Contest” page. It’s a new DBSK project. So do check it out along with the other projects on that page. Also, if you have any other projects or contests which you wish to advertise, do contact me at my email address: purpl3minds@gmail.com.

Frow now on i’ll also be adding the retweet function on my posts. So that you can spread the word easily. :)

Also feel free to follow me on twitter for quick updates: @purple_minds

Purple Minds Twitter Page

I’ve finally had the time to make a layout for my new twitter page! :D I decided to make the layout first before opening the account and now that the layout’s done, the account is officially open. :) Lol and yeah the layout is not a single bit purple. I just could’nt think of a nice purple layout. So this one will just have to do. xD

Feel free to follow Purple Minds at: @purple_minds

This account will be used for me to mainly interact with my visitors and also for updates and any other news on the kpop/jpop scene. So if you have any questions or requests, you can just tweet me about it. ;D I’m also looking for affiliates over there. So if you’re interested, just directly tweet me about it or send me an email at the address stated in my contact info. :)

Oh and in other news, i’m closing the March poll.  Seems like the amount of voters are increasing with each poll. Thanks to everyone who participated. Once again it seems Big Bang is the winner.  Lol they’ve won 3 times in a row. Maybe next time i’ll feature different groups in the poll. Well you can tweet me your thoughts on that, and maybe suggest some other groups that i should include in the next poll. I’ll get started on the icon set soon, and the April poll should open soon enough. So be sure to check that out. :D

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