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Im opening up icon requests now! Only one request per person for now. So if you want an icon made by me, please drop me a comment here or email me at purpl3minds@gmail.com with the following form:

Name: (Real name or username)
Email: (Which email you would like me to send it to)
Image: (Only high quality images are accepted and please link the image here)


• I have the rights to post up the icon on any of my other websites.
• If you email me, please put [Icon Request] as your subject.
• Please credit my site when used.

Comments on: "Requests" (10)

  1. Alice said:

    Wait how do you leave a picture in here?

  2. can’t i request you to make me a couple banner? for my fanfic? :3

    • I don’t usually take any other requests besides icons, but i guess i could do a banner for u since i’m on my holidays right now. ^^ Send me an email with the details and i’ll see what i can do. :)

  3. can’t i request super junior twitter layout..?

    • Sorry i’m not taking any twitter layouts at the moment. I’m working on some desktop wallpapers. But i might hold a contest soon where you can win a custom twitter layout. So do check up on updates on my twitter account @purple_minds. :)

  4. Hello hello ! (: Is this request still available ? If so , i’d want to request for Beast’s Yoseob icon , please and thankyou :D

    Name : Hidayahh
    Email : hidayah-1996@hotmail.com
    Image : http://data.whicdn.com/images/11349092/tumblr_lnitlasYHF1qe66h6o1_500_large.jpg?1309310516

    It doesn’t have to be in Photobucket or Imageshack right ? hahah !

    • Hello there Hidayah. :) Yup icon requests are still open. Nice choice for the pic. ;D I’ll get it done as soon as i can and email it to you. ;)

  5. i want bigbang t-shirt <3 it is can?

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