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[Fancams] 2PM Hands Up Asia Tour Malaysia Concert & Press Conference 2011

Wanna see more? Well i’ve found a number of fancams from various uploaders on youtube and compiled it into a playlist. The whole playlist is about 2 hours long. So just sit back and enjoy the videos. :) And thanks guys for uploading your awesome fancams! You can see the full playlist from this link.

Credit: Videos belong to their respective owners and playlist compiled by purpleminds.wordpress.com

[Fancams] 2PM’s Arrival At KLIA, Malaysia


[Bloggings] Mnet MAMA 2010

YG artists swept up most of the awards that night. 2NE1 (including Park Bom’s solo song) won 5 awards, Taeyang with 1 award and Gummy with 2 awards. JYP artists also did rather well with Miss A scoring 2 awards, and 2PM with 3 awards. However similar to last years MAMA, there were a lack of SM artists. A number of them were nominated such as Super Junior, BoA, SHINee and SNSD. But they did not grab a single award which had a number of fans expressing their frustration on twitter. Boices (CN.Blue fans) were also frustrated over the fact that the “Best New Male Artist” award was cancelled, as they had high hopes on CN.Blue scoring that award. Some even stated MAMA=Missing Artists, Missing Awards. Although i understand and kinda agree with what they said, but nonetheless, i think most of the artists who won that night deserved it. So congrats to them. (more…)

[Twitter Layout] 2PM – Junsu

[tweetmeme source=”purple_minds” http://wp.me/pEU4o-eL%5D

Someone requested a Junsu version of my previous 2PM layout feat Nichkhun. Since it’s just a minor edit, i’ve decided to go ahead and make it. So enjoy~ :D Again, all the things you need are in the zipped file. So just follow the instructions in the notepad and you’ll have it set up within minutes! ;)

Terms and Conditions:

  • Do not upload these anywhere else without proper credit to my site
  • Do not edit these in any way
  • Only for personal use

<<<<<<<<<DOWNLOAD HERE>>>>>>>>>

[Twitter Layout] 2PM – Nichkhun

[tweetmeme source=”purple_minds” http://wp.me/pEU4o-et%5D

Preview of what it looks like on my Twitter page.

I was supposed to post this up yesterday on his birthday itself. But i had exams and was too tired after that. So here it is one day later. Happy Birthday Khunnie! :D

Everything you need is in the zip file. So just extract the contents and read the instructions included in the notepad ok. Have fun and i hope you all like it. :)

Terms and Conditions:

  • Do not upload these anywhere else without proper credit to my site
  • Do not edit these in any way
  • Only for personal use

<<<<<<<<DONWLOAD HERE>>>>>>>>

Kpop Fandoms Take Over Twitter

It’s valentines day today, and so what are the netizens tweeting? Well a bunch of kpop fans are trending their favorite groups. The screencap above are some of the groups who made it into the trending topic for today. Apparently these fandoms were helping out each other by trending each others tags, and together they made it into the TT. A perfect example where kpop fans unite! :D To all the tweeters, happy tweeting and Happy Valentines Day and also Happy Lunar New Year!

[MP3] Red Soul – Heartbeat + Tik Tok Acapella

[tweetmeme source=”purple_minds” http://wp.me/pEU4o-9M%5D

I’ve just recently known about this talented group after reading this article here. This is actually the first song i heard from them and i’m really impressed. Not only do they have amazing voices, but they can also beat box really well! That’s a very interesting combination and you can clearly hear their amazing talent from this song. I’m a big fan of 2PM’s Heartbeat and also Tik Tok. So when i heard that this group did a cover on both songs, i just had to check it out, and im glad i did. They’re amazing! I’ve converted the youtube video into mp3 format for those interested. :D

<<<<<<<Download MP3 Here>>>>>>

Also check out their debut song “Walk Back”:

Their winning song at an Acapella Competition “Bohemian Rhapsody”:

And their cover on Maroon 5 & Big Bang Version of “This Love”:

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