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LG and Big Bang

Big Bang has been appearing a lot in LG phone commercials with their latest one on LG Cyon Crystal. I love the look of the phone. It’s oozing with elegance! And Big Bang appearing in the commercial itself has just made the phone look so much more awesome. 8D Amongst all those commercials i think my fav one would be for the LG Cyon Edge. Like the name itself, the commercial was edgy and it really fits in with BB’s edgy personality and style. =) Im an LG user myself and i have to say, LG really knows how to make stylish phones. Im still loving my LG Shine although it’s one of the older models. ♥

LG Cyon Crystal GD Version:

LG Cyon Crystal TOP Version:

LG Cyon Ice cream:

LG Cyon Edge:

LG Cyon Lollipop:

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