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[Bloggings] Thoughts on “T.O.P – Turn It Up”

[tweetmeme source=”purple_minds” http://wp.me/pEU4o-ek%5DOk so how many of you have already seen T.O.P’s new smoking hot MV? Well if you have’nt, here’s the MV here. It’ll make your day. ;)


Mnet Asia Music Awards 2009 (MAMA)

[tweetmeme source=”purple_minds” http://wp.me/pEU4o-4Z%5D

Ah it was an awesome experience. I streamed the show live and watched it with many other  fans online. Although there were no subtitles, it’s still easy to understand what’s going on since they usually write the awards in English like “Best Female Artist” etc.  Here’s some of the screencaps i took. Low quality…but it’ll have to do. ^^;

Clockwise: MBLAQ, GD, and GD
The top two pics are taken during the red carpet event. Check out GD’s headphones! Beats by Dr Dre again! Zomg i love that brand. ♥

Clockwise: 2PM, GD and GD.
2PM receiving the “Artist of The Year award“. And some random shots of GD throughout the show. The cameraman seems to love him. xD Oooh GD what are you looking at over there?

Clockwise: GD, GD & Taeyang and GD.
GD reveals his new hair during the Heartbreaker performance. At first everyone thought he shaved off his beautiful hair when he appeared on the red carpet with a hat on. But apparently not! He just changed it to a black mohawk! Haha Taeyang has done well in spreading the mohawk goodness. Lol i wonder if anyone else in the group would get a mohawk? TOP? Seungri? Daesung? Lol i can’t imagine Daesung and Seungri with a mohawk. But TOP would be able to pull it off i think. ;D Anyway their performances were as good as i expected it to be. I love how Taeyang’s group were all wearing black and GD’s group were all wearing white. 8D

Clockwise: Taeyang, Taeyang and JaeJoong.
Taeyang performing “Where you at?” and “Wedding Dress“. And last but definitely not the least, JaeJoong!!!!! He made it to the award show along with Junsu and Micky. ♥ It’s really too bad that Yunho and Changmin could’nt come too. But oh well at least i got to see my Jae! ♥♥♥ DBSK won the award for “Asia’s Best Stars“. =)

Overall YG stars picked up most of the awards. Such as 2NE1 which received 4 awards that night and GD who won and award for “Best Album of The Year“. Congrats to all the winners and im looking forward to next years one. Hopefully SM stars would be able to join in that one. Oh and you may see a lot more pics of GD and Taeyang because im a huge fan of Big Bang. But im also a huge fan of DBSK. Unfortunately there were’nt that many shots of them so i only managed to take a pic of Jae. The video live streaming was lagging. D: Well anyway im already seeing a whole bunch of pics circulating around the net and some of the performances are already up on youtube. So go see it~~

G-dragon Heartbreaker Mini Album.

I finally had the time to check out GD’s album. Im loving the new techno sounds from this album. It’s very GD. ;D Here’s the list of the song tracks:

01 – A Boy
02 – Heartbreaker
03 – Breathe
04 – Butterfly (Feat. Jin Jung)
05 – Hello (Feat. Dara)
06 – Gossip Man (Feat. Kim GunMo)
07 – Korean Dream (Feat. Tae Yang)
08 – The Leaders (Feat. Teddy, CL)
09 – She’s Gone (Feat. KUSH)
10 – Station 1 Year

Amongst these songs (apart from Heartbreaker), i love Breathe, Station 1 Year, A Boy, Korean Dream, and Gossip Man. The Leaders is pretty good too. Im not really feeling Butterfly though. It’s like ok…but not really GD material. Does’nt sound like something he would sing ya know. ^^; Anyway you can have a listen to those songs by clicking on the song title up there and judge it for yourself. We all have different tastes after all. =)

Talking about GD, i’ve seen a lot of people talking about his cool headphones. It’s a brand by Monster called Beats by Dr Dre. See the pic. It’s just that GD had his customized to be all nice and colorful (which i do love). If i’d ever get a pair of those i’d want mines in purple and white. Mmmm preeettyyy! *__* But of course it comes with a hefty price. Those white ones alone cost $179.95. That’s about RM500+. Geh i dunno if i’d ever spend that much on headphones. But damn they look so sweet! 8D

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