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[Fancam] Big Bang at London Heathrow: Fans Sang Happy Bday to T.O.P

Check out this fancam of the guys up close as they arrived in Heathrow Airport. I really loved the part where they all sang T.O.P happy birthday. He responded with a wave and that was enough to melt all the fangirls! ♥


[Twitter Layout] 2PM – Nichkhun

[tweetmeme source=”purple_minds” http://wp.me/pEU4o-et%5D

Preview of what it looks like on my Twitter page.

I was supposed to post this up yesterday on his birthday itself. But i had exams and was too tired after that. So here it is one day later. Happy Birthday Khunnie! :D

Everything you need is in the zip file. So just extract the contents and read the instructions included in the notepad ok. Have fun and i hope you all like it. :)

Terms and Conditions:

  • Do not upload these anywhere else without proper credit to my site
  • Do not edit these in any way
  • Only for personal use

<<<<<<<<DONWLOAD HERE>>>>>>>>

[Phone Wallpapers & Icons] Jae Bday Special!

Yup it’s officially the 26th of January here, so Happy Birthday JaeJoong! I hope he has an awesome one with his loved ones. ♥ Here’s some stuff i made for this special Jae section. So enjoy~

Terms and Conditions:

  • Do not upload these anywhere else without proper credit to my site
  • Only for personal use

Phone Wallpapers


P.S: If you have twitter, do take part in the trending topic for Jae. #HappyBdayJaejoong is currently at 8th place on the TT. So come help make it to number 1~~♥

Happy Birthday T.O.P!

Yup today is November 4th which marks TOP’s 22nd birthday/23rd birthday(korean age). Hope he has a great one with the rest of the members and all! ♥

Oh and apparently today it’s another rappers birthday too. Not korean though…Guess who?

P Diddy! He’s in his 40’s now! Lol wow….and i never knew that they shared the same birthday until i searched on celebrity birthdays today. =)

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