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G-Dragon – Heartbreaker feat Flo Rida

So i’m sure most of you have already heard this remix with Flo Rida. What are your thoughts on it? Personally, i think it sounds great. Although i gotta admit, i do prefer the original one, but this one is good as well. I think the two really compliment each other well. They’re both great rappers! :D

“Hey I know everybody aint perfect
Baby what did I do to deserve this
No way, you’re making me nervous
I can’t afford to be climbing your circus
Like why did I open the curtain
Gave you my heart when I should’ve been certain
Knew I was allergic, I need a surgeon
Tryin’ to be another person
This wasn’t part of the plan”

Rest of the lyrics: Here at lybio.net

I love how Flo Rida says “YG family” and how GD sings a bit of Flo Rida’s “Low“. Usually remixes end up in a mess. But i think these two did a great job putting their music together and it definitely puts off that whole plagiarism issue to an end. What a good way it is to end the controversies with a new song from the two. :D I’d love to see them work on an MV for it!

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