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[Bloggings] Thoughts on MAMA 2011 + Screenshots

This years MAMA was hosted for the first time ever in sunny Singapore. The true winners tonight was mainly Super Junior (3 awards), SNSD (2 awards), and 2NE1 (2 awards) for bagging in multiple awards to their name. They were also the winners for the Daesang Awards.  (more…)

[News] Kim Beom World Date Contest Winners

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Remember i blogged about Kim Beom’s World Date contest? Well recently the finalists have been announced. Congratulations to the following winners!

  • Sasiwimon Buranabanyat (Thailand)
  • Nadira Hanum Binti Akbar Shah (Malaysia)
  • Ho Ruo Yun (Singapore)
  • Tran Thi Mong Thuong (Vietnam)
  • Bianca Gonzalez (Philippine)


Have a date with Kim Beom!

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Asian fans, it’s your lucky year! Kim Beom will be starting a special program on KBS World called “World Date with Kim Beom”. Now who will be his date? Well it’s his lucky fans! These lucky girls will be chosen from 3 cable stations in 3 different countries: Astro(Malaysia), SingTel(Singapore), Sky Cable(Philippine). So please refer to your cable websites for more info.


iBB Fanart Contest Voting is on!

Hey all. Some of you may have known about this awesome contest going on over at iBB. Well the judges over at the site have narrowed it down to 13 entries and now it’s time for us to vote on our top 5 entries. So be sure to visit iBB and cast your votes there. Just click on the banner above and it’ll take you to the voting page. ;D

Im loving the entries. I’ve joined in too, and im glad mines managed to make it into the list. But after seeing everyone elses entry i feel like mines could’ve been better. I really see a lot of hard work and effort put in by everyone elses entry. May the best entries win the top 5 spots. =)

G-Dragon Vogue Wallpaper

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Hey everyone! Here’s something i made today for the iBigBang contest which is due today. Haha yes very last minute work. xD Here’s the picture used. It’s from the recent vogue photoshoot. I had fun adding all those colors into the wallpaper. P.S: Click on the image for fullsize.

Terms and conditions:

  • You may use this only for personal use
  • Do not post this anywhere else without my permission
  • Do not alter the image

And here’s something just for fun. Photobucket has this option for changing your uploaded pics into designs for mugs. So here’s what that wallpaper would look like if it was on a mug. ♥

Official Malaysia TVXQ Fan Club

Ok i was lurking around the net and stumbled upon this site. I had no idea Malaysia had their own official fan club. o_o Well yeah im relatively new in this whole fandom. So don’t kill me for not knowing earlier. D: Anyway i quickly searched for the registration part but unfortunately it was already closed by the time i got there. .__. So i sent them an email about the next registration, and they said that the registration will be opened again in the following term (somewhere around next year). So we’ll just have to keep a look out in the updates section and see when the registrations are opened again. ^^

I have to say, the site looks pretty and stylish just like our boys. ;D Here’s some screenshots of the site that i took:

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Does’nt it look great? They’re also currently hosting a singing competition and a year end party on 12th December.  So do check out these activities and events over at the updates section there. ;D

Site Update

I’ve just realized that my blog has now 1000+ pageviews in just about a month of its opening. Thanks to all of those who visited. =) I’ve now opened up an icon request section where you can requests for icons and there’s now a page specifically for ongoing projects or contests. If you know of any interesting contests or projects going on, you can contact me and i’ll gladly help you promote it on my projects/contest page. And a big thanks goes out to all my lovely affiliates. Glad to have you all as my affiliates. ♥

Expect more graphic designs soon! Im in the middle of exams at the moment. So i’ll only be able to get back to designing after im done with that (16th November onwards). Stay tuned for the goodies. =)

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