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[Graphic Design] Big Bang Cover Design for Samsung Galaxy Note II

Hi all! It’s been quite a while since my last post, but here I am with something new. Designs for the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 phone cover! (more…)

[Audio] BigBang – Cafe & Taeyang – I Need A Girl (Malay Cover)

I was browsing youtube and stumbled upon this. I personally think it’s a pretty good attempt. It’s not easy to translate a song and sing it in another language. There’s a few mistakes in the lyrics, but it’s still pretty good overall. Check them out. :)

Cafe (Malay cover)


[MP3] Red Soul – Heartbeat + Tik Tok Acapella

[tweetmeme source=”purple_minds” http://wp.me/pEU4o-9M%5D

I’ve just recently known about this talented group after reading this article here. This is actually the first song i heard from them and i’m really impressed. Not only do they have amazing voices, but they can also beat box really well! That’s a very interesting combination and you can clearly hear their amazing talent from this song. I’m a big fan of 2PM’s Heartbeat and also Tik Tok. So when i heard that this group did a cover on both songs, i just had to check it out, and im glad i did. They’re amazing! I’ve converted the youtube video into mp3 format for those interested. :D

<<<<<<<Download MP3 Here>>>>>>

Also check out their debut song “Walk Back”:

Their winning song at an Acapella Competition “Bohemian Rhapsody”:

And their cover on Maroon 5 & Big Bang Version of “This Love”:

Yoonha Hwang (Pianist)

I was on twitter today and noticed that i had an extra follower. At first i thought it was just one of those random people who just add you out of nowhere. But i decided to just check it out anyway. I was pleasantly surprised to see that the account actually belonged to a talented pianist from South Korea. Well what’s amazing about him is that he plays the piano by ear. He also does a lot of song covers ranging from English to Korean songs. But since this is a kpop site, i’ll just feature the kpop song covers and you can judge it for yourself. I personally think it’s amazing how he can put songs like OH!, Heartbreaker and Ring Ding Dong into a playable melody on the piano. I particularly liked how he did Heartbeat, and Wedding Dress. Koe wo Kikasete was lovely too. ♥ Im surely looking forward to more kpop covers from him. Maybe DBSK’s “Doushitte”, & “Standy By U”, or Big Bang’s “Stay”. In fact, i have a whole lot of songs which i would love him to play. :D

OH! + Genie (SNSD)

Heartbeat (2PM)

Wedding Dress (Taeyang)

Koe wo Kikasete (Big Bang)

Heartbreaker (G-Dragon)

Also hear the rest: || Sorry Sorry Answer (Super Junior) || I don’t Care (2NE1) || Ring Ding Dong (SHINee) || Getting Tired of Waiting (2PM) ||

Yoonha on: || Twitter || Facebook || Youtube || Myspace ||

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