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Jae Joong, T.O.P & Gackt Dollfies.

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Ever wondered what it would be like to have your fav artists turned into dolls? Well with Super Dollfies, you can! These dolls are made by a company named VOLKS. Watch as these artists are “dolled” up:

The Real People:

The Dolls:
Jae Joong (DBSK)

TOP (Big Bang)


It’s amazing how realistic they can make these dolls. Even their clothes are nice. And check out the detail on the face! I’d actually get one if it was’nt so freakin expensive! I heard these dolls can cost at about $3000. Im like o__o. I’d rather spend my precious money on that new PS3 slim that i’ve been wanting.  .___. Im sure there’s lots more artists turned into Dollfies but i just have’nt seen it yet. I’d like to see a GD dollfie next! 8D


JJ dolls (EmilyTheBlackPearl) & (DBSKnights)

TOP dolls (BigBang Korean)

Gackt dolls (Laraku no Tenshi)

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