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[News] JYJ Opens Their Official FB Page

Yes! More good news for JYJ fans! They now have an official FB page where they will be posting up videos, pics, and other good stuff. :D
So go check out JYJ Official(more…)

[Graphic Design] BigBang Facebook Header

One of my readers requested a Facebook header featuring Big Bang. I don’t usually take in requests other than icon requests. But I suppose this one was pretty simple so i decided to do one. If you wanna use it too, then just follow these steps below:

1. Download the picture files >>> HERE
2. Unzip the file and you should now have a folder with 5 images in it.
3. Go to your Facebook and create a new album. Lets call it “Facebook Header”.
4. Upload all the 5 images into the new album.
5. Tag yourself in each of the images. But make sure to tag yourself in reverse order like this: (Ex: fbheader5, fbheader4, fbheader3, fbheader2, fbheader1)
6. You should end up with the photos arranged nicely like the screenshot above. (more…)

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