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[Fancam] Se7en Fanmeet in Malaysia

Se7en visited Malaysia for the first time today and greeted his fans at the Mines International Exhibition Convention Centre (MIECC). The event started at about 1pm and was rather brief as he had to prepare for his performance  for the Asian Music Festival. But fans were in luck as they were able to shake hands with him and take a group photo too. Check out these super clear videos. :D

[News] Alexander & Kevin tweets about coming to M’sia

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As most of you U-Kiss fans already know, they are scheduled to have a concert here in Malaysia on the 19th of June 2010. We’re getting a lot of kpop love lately. :D If you need more info on that, refer to this post at: omonatheydid’nt. It’s just a few days away and Alexander & Kevin were seen tweeting about it:


[Events] Beast is ready to Shock KL!

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To all Malaysian fans, get ready to shock the night with Beast as they make their way to KL Live for their exclusive showcase on the 26th of June 2010 and a fansigning on the 27th of June 2010 at 1 Utama. Find out how you can score tickets to see them at the showcase and other info at Universal Music Malaysia. Check out the link below. ;) Now who’s excited?! I know i am!! But unfortunately i have exams to study for, so i’ll have to skip the showcase but i’m gonna try and get myself there at the fansigning event in 1Utama. 8D

For more info: Universal Music Malaysia
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[News] Brian Joo Mini Showcase in Malaysia

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I’ve just found out about this a while ago. Funny story actually because  i found out about it from Nichkhun’s tweet. The full details on the event is not released yet, but so far it is set to be on 10th July, 2010 with the following ticket prices:

[News] Yoochun’s drama Sungkyunkwan Scandal Fanmeeting

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Reservation starts on 9th June 2010, at 9pm


Date: 24th July 2010

Filming Location Tour & Fanmeeting

T/N: This is an ad for Japanese to sign up for a tour package to go to Korea, to attend this fanmeet. I’m not sure about other details as it hasn’t been published yet. From what I understand, it costs about 150,000yen for this.

Source: [Green Tour]
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Whoa now that’s an interesting package. So i assume that with this, you not only get to go on vacation in Korea but also get to go meet Yoochun in person! Is’nt that amazing? It’s priced at 150000yen. So that’s like USD1,636.97 and MYR5,446.00 (Malaysian Ringgit). This is based on the current currency at the time i’m posting. Take note that the price may fluctuate over time.

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