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Flash Mob Dance in KL

I was blog surfing as usual today, and found something really interesting. Apparently the DBSK fans of Malaysia will be doing a flash mob dance in support of their idols. It’ll be held at Star Hill, KL on 7th November 2009 (Saturday). They’re planning to do the dances of Mirotic and Balloons. OMG MIROTIC!!! I love the dance moves in that one. Anyway check out the poster below for more details on it.

Here’s the dance moves to Mirotic:

And for those who have no clue what a dance mob is, well it’s where just a bunch of people gather randomly and dance to a song. Soon after they dance they just disperse and continue on with whatever they were doing. Here’s an example of it from the 2PM fans dancing to “Again and Again“. (Click Here) Im impressed by their courage to dance out in the public. Like seriously i don’t think i’d ever do that lol. Im too shy. xDD Oh and they were even featured on 8TV. Look at the video here.

And here’s the original dance video by 2PM:

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