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[Fanaccount] Gackt YFC Concert in Bochum

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Was all what everybody screamed at the night of the 24th of July in Zeche, Bochum. Gackt standing there with a sword made an awesome show. A part of the viewer there said it was too much the other said it was not enough. For me, I wished he would talk more to his fans at that night. Anyways. Zeche isn’t big. Is somehow not that small but still is not that huge. So before the concert I began standing with Minachi in the 4th row. But then we got in the 3rd row and then me alone went in the 2nd row between the first row.


[Bloggings] Live stream of GACKT’s concert in Bochum

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As i’ve blogged a while back ago, Gackt is currently having his European Tour. For those of you who won’t be able to make it to the actual concert itself, well now you can watch it at the comfort of your own home! Gackt’s concert in Bochum, Germany will be made available for live streaming.

On 25th July at 2am (Japan time), Nico Nico Namahousou will broadcast the concert. There will also be a rebroadcast on 31st July 2010 at 9pm (Japan time). However don’t get too happy now. Sadly it’s not for free. :( Online tickets will need to be purchased in order to view it. So how much exactly? Well the site uses a point system, and it seems that you will need 3000 points in order to watch it (1 yen = 1 point, a total of 3000 yen is approximately $35). Rather expensive for something to be viewed online i’d say, but i suppose there will always be those hardcore fans who would be willing to pay that price. So it works anyway. As for me, well i’ll just wait for fancams or other free sources. ^^;

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