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[Bloggings] Thoughts on “T.O.P – Turn It Up”

[tweetmeme source=”purple_minds” http://wp.me/pEU4o-ek%5DOk so how many of you have already seen T.O.P’s new smoking hot MV? Well if you have’nt, here’s the MV here. It’ll make your day. ;)


G-dragon Heartbreaker Mini Album.

I finally had the time to check out GD’s album. Im loving the new techno sounds from this album. It’s very GD. ;D Here’s the list of the song tracks:

01 – A Boy
02 – Heartbreaker
03 – Breathe
04 – Butterfly (Feat. Jin Jung)
05 – Hello (Feat. Dara)
06 – Gossip Man (Feat. Kim GunMo)
07 – Korean Dream (Feat. Tae Yang)
08 – The Leaders (Feat. Teddy, CL)
09 – She’s Gone (Feat. KUSH)
10 – Station 1 Year

Amongst these songs (apart from Heartbreaker), i love Breathe, Station 1 Year, A Boy, Korean Dream, and Gossip Man. The Leaders is pretty good too. Im not really feeling Butterfly though. It’s like ok…but not really GD material. Does’nt sound like something he would sing ya know. ^^; Anyway you can have a listen to those songs by clicking on the song title up there and judge it for yourself. We all have different tastes after all. =)

Talking about GD, i’ve seen a lot of people talking about his cool headphones. It’s a brand by Monster called Beats by Dr Dre. See the pic. It’s just that GD had his customized to be all nice and colorful (which i do love). If i’d ever get a pair of those i’d want mines in purple and white. Mmmm preeettyyy! *__* But of course it comes with a hefty price. Those white ones alone cost $179.95. That’s about RM500+. Geh i dunno if i’d ever spend that much on headphones. But damn they look so sweet! 8D

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