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[Video] Akanishi Jin releases full audio preview of “Sun Burns Down”

Not much to comment on for the video, but I gotta say the song is pretty good and the beat is catchy too. ;) The single is set to be released on January 24th on iTunes. So keep a look out for it!

Source: Tokyohive

[News] JPOP: LAMA releases their 2nd Single Cupid/Fantasy

LAMA is a Japanese band formed in 2011. It’s members are Nakamura Kouji, Furukawa Miki, Tabuchi Hisako and Ushio Kensuke. They’ve recently released their second single Cupid/Fantasy on 26th Oct 2011. I can’t exactly find the videos over on youtube. So i’ve uploaded it onto youtube myself. Only the audio for Fantasy though. This song is also the ending theme song for the new anime called UN-GO. If you like detective-like animes then you may wanna check it out as well. ;) (more…)

[Bloggings] Thoughts on Gummy’s “Sorry” & “Gomen Ne” MV

Gummy’s Japanese version of her “Sorry” music video was uploaded recently onto Youtube and we finally got to see the full video which was breathtakingly beautiful in every way! From Gummy’s beautiful vocals and clear Japanese pronunciation, to T.O.P’s perfect rap parts and beautiful cinematography of the whole video.

There’s been various interpretations on the storyline, but after hearing the thoughts of other’s, here’s what I think it’s about. T.O.P is searching for his loved one who has been reincarnated into a bird. The other lady in this MV is seen with a helmet. So I guess she’s the owner of the scooter parked outside. She gets out of the coffee shop and sees T.O.P driving off with her scooter so she hurriedly stops a random car and chases after him. After she catches up to him. She sees her scooter safely parked outside some kinda bird shop. She decides to peek in and sees T.O.P hurriedly going through the various bird cages. He gives each bird a good look in hopes of identifying his loved one. But he doesn’t find her. He exits and heads over to the scooter in order to continue his search. The lady runs along and decides to help him in his search.

[Recommendation] Shirota Yu: Japanese-Spanish Actor/Singer.

This time around the spotlight is on Shirota Yu. He’s born on 26 December 1985 and is  of a mixed parentage where his mother is Spanish and his dad is Japanese. He can speak Spanish, Japanese and English as he was brought up in Barcelona for a few of years and then moved over to Japan for elementary school. He  attended high school with other big stars such as Yamashita Tomohisa, Akanishi Jin and also Koike Teppei. A school full of talents huh? ;) (more…)

[Bloggings] Ayumi Hamasaki Married!

Yes you heard right! The Jpop Queen is officially taken. She recently got married to an Austrian actor, Manuel Schwarz. He starred as her husband in her PV before, and now they’re getting married for real. And guess where they got married? In Vegas! o__o Well that’s what was mentioned in an article over at TokyoHive. (more…)

[Announcement] Twitter Layout Giveaway – Winners

Thanks to everyone who participated in my Christmas Giveaway. ♥ So after generating 3 random numbers from Random.org, the 3 winning entrants are @Ashihana, @_winkhyuk, and @Iszchun. Congrats! :D (more…)

[Twitter Layout][Giveaway] PurpleMinds Xmas Giveaway!

As a thanks to all my followers, i will be giving 3 of my lucky followers a custom made twitter layout. That means you get to choose how you want your layout to be (the colors, pictures, etc). Yup personalized.  :D Just make sure it’s appropriate for general viewing and is related to jpop/jrock/kpop. (more…)

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