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[News] JYJ’s Official Youtube Channel Opening Soon!

Yes they’re finally gonna have their own channel! Before this they had made an account called jyjtour which well was basically to promote their US tour. But this upcoming channel is gonna be their official one. So when will it be up? 9th January! So keep a lookout for it under this account name CJESJYJ. And here’s a promo video:

Video Source: OfficialMasterG
News Source:  JYJ3

[Fancams] JYJ Concert Berlin 2011

JYJ stunned their fans in Germany with their flawless performances. I had a friend who attended the concert and from what I hear, it was really an amazing concert as expected. ;) Here’s a compilation of the concert that she made all in one video for those of you who don’t have the time to check out individual videos lol.

Credit: Yina1988

[Rumor] JYJ World Tour Concert to hit Malaysia in April 2011

As you all know JYJ are having their 2nd world tour. Well Malaysian Cassies/JYJ fans, start saving up because JYJ is coming your way! That’s right! The previous organizer for last years concert has decided to organize the event for this year too! Thanks to Redstar, it looks like you all would be able to see them again this year. :D

Redstar has reportedly tweeted on their twitter account that the date will be on April 30th 2011. More details would be revealed soon and i’ll update this post when it’s released. :)

EDIT: Looks like it’s not exactly official yet. So i shall put this under the rumor category for now. Redstar just recently updated their FB status asking the fans to wait for their official announcement on the event.

EDIT 2: RedStar recently updated their FB status with the following message:

[Wallpaper] December Poll Results – JYJ

Alrighty so JYJ won my December poll with 43% of the votes and here is the wallpaper. I went with their music essay theme for this one. Hope you all like it. :D Again, there are 3 resolutions to choose from. So choose the one that fits your screen. ^^ Enjoy~

Terms and Conditions:

  • Do not upload these anywhere else without proper credit to my site
  • Only for personal use

Download: ||1280×800||1440×900||1680×1050||

[Bloggings] JYJ Korean Album Preview

Now how many of you have heard it already? I’ve already heard most of them previously from their recent concert fancams, but oh man it sure is good to hear it clearly through these teasers. :’D So the tracklist consists of 6 korean songs (Mission, Nine, Pierrot, Fallen Leaves, ID.S, Nameless Music Part 1). Yes korean songs!!! :’D

My fav tracks so far are Mission, Nine, and Pierrot. Though i think the last song is pretty awesome too. Yoochun’s rap is so amazing in that one. The album is set to be released sometime in January 2011. But no exact date is given yet. There’s one thing for sure though. I’m definitely buying this!

[Bloggings] Artists hangout in ski resorts.

[tweetmeme source=”purple_minds” http://wp.me/pEU4o-mT%5DIt’s the cold snowy season in Korea now, and what better way to spend your day than snowboarding and skiing at the ski resort? :D Well that’s what Micky Yoochun, G-Dragon, Taeyang, and Se7en have been doing. Lol before you get excited thinking that they all went together, they did not go together. The ones that went together were GD, Taeyang and Se7en. Yoochun went with Gun Young and some other guys.


[Fanaccount + Pics] JYJ Showcase Malaysia

It was finally THE day! I was super excited the night before. I dunno if it was the crazy heat or my excitement over the concert, but i really just could’nt sleep the night before. I’m gonna be seeing JYJ in the flesh!!! That’s like a dream come true! Got up early in the morning at around 7.30. Got prepared and made my way to the train station. I reached Stadium Negara by 11am and already saw a bunch of people gathered there. The place was flooded with reds. There i met up with my friends and took some group pics and also pics of the banners there. A lot of YooSu banners were spotted!

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