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[Fancams] [HD] SNSD at Twin Towers @Live 2012 Concert

Although Yuri was not able to join in for the event and a few sound system problems here and there, the girls managed to deliver an energetic and powerful performance which led to deafening cheers from their fans (particularly the fanboys). ;) Check out these HD fancams.

SNSD Greeting Video


[Events] SNSD to perform at Twin Towers @Live 2012 Concert

Yeah you heard right! I’m pretty amazed we managed to get SNSD to agree to perform on such short notice and also the fact that it’s a FREE concert!  (more…)

[Fancam] Wonder Girls Live at KLCC Twin Towers 2011

Last night these wonderful girls performed 8 songs at the Twin Tower’s Live concert which was a free event! Yes FREE! I’ve compiled some of their performances from a number of users who have kindly shared their videos on youtube. Check out their performances! I couldn’t find the fancams for This Fool and This Time. So if anyone has it, please let me know and i’ll add it up to this post.

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