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[Events] Korean Music Wave 2011 in Malaysia – Lineup

KMW is finally hitting the shores of Malaysia! The concert will be held at Stadium Merdeka in KL on the 24th of September 2011. The 2 hour 30 min concert will start at 7pm. So who will be at the concert? Well here’s the list so far:

  1. GD&TOP (BigBang)
  2. Seungri (BigBang)
  3. Park Jung Min (SS501)
  4. Teen Top
  5. U-Kiss  (Note: Eli and Dongho will also be the special guest MC for the night)
  6. FT.Island
  7. 4Minute


[Fancams] Korean Music Wave 2011 – BigBang

Last night was the KMW 2011 in Singapore. I soooo wish i was there. Sucks to be in a neighboring country which is like a 5 hour drive away and not be able to go. :'( Well at least i got to see it through these fancams. Special thanks to the uploaders. :’D ♥ Daesung wasn’t there, but you could still hear his voice in the music. Hope to see them perform together again soon.

BigBang performing Tonight


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