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[Bloggings] Leeu’s self-made LV necklace.

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From left to right: Kan, Yejun, Leeu, Jinon

I was on the F.cuz forum: fcuzed.com and found out that Leeu actually made that necklace himself. Yes that brick LV necklace. What’s more interesting is that he made it out of Lego bricks! I love Lego and in fact i still keep a lot of my Lego even now. Being my curious self, i wondered if i could make the same thing. So i dug out my old Lego (by old i mean really old…like 10 or 12 years old Lego) and attempted to make it. Unfortunately i did’nt have enough black bricks. So don’t mind my multi-colored version. xD But i actually did it (kinda)! Oh and these things are more fragile than it looks. Leeu must’ve stuck the pieces together with super glue or something to keep it in place.

Behold my multi-colored version! Lol if only i had more black pieces.

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