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[Recommendation] Monkey Majik

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This group is no ordinary Japanese group. In fact,  it’s a hybrid between Canadians and Japanese. That’s the charm of this group right here! 2 of the group members are Canadians which are the two siblings, Maynard Plant and Blaise Plant. These two are the vocalists/guitarists of the group and are both fluent in Japanese, French and English. The other two group members are Japanese which are Tax (Real name: Takuya Kikuchi) and Dick (this is his stage name i think). o_O Well anyway, Tax is the drummer and Dick is the bassist of the group. Together these 4 guys are Monkey Majik! :D Now lets get on to their music. I have’nt exactly heard all their songs yet because i was just newly introduced to them despite the fact that they’ve been around since like around 10 years already. Lol well here’s some of the one’s i’ve listened to and liked. :)


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