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[News] 2AM Show Live in 3D will be in Malaysian cinemas!

Yes dear Malaysian fans! You heard right! On the 13th October 2011, the 2AM Show Live in 3D will be in our local cinemas. My friend and I are already planning to go watch this together. Most probably at GSC Midvalley. So we’ll be there to give you a review on it soon.  (more…)

Count Down to Heaven’s Postman!

I seriously can’t wait for this movie to come out! It’s officially released on 11th November. That’s 4 days from now! But that’s not all. After doing my usual blog hopping today, i’ve heard news of a special fanclub screening of which JaeJoong himself will be present too!! It’ll be on 9th November (2 days earlier than the official release). Read more on it here. Ah im so spazzing over this piece of news! I so wanna be there at the special screening! D:

All i can do for now is just watch this slideshow i made. *pouts*

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