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[Bloggings] Thoughts on CN.Blue’s PV for “Where You Are”

I’ve always been a huge fan of CN.Blue and I love their catchy music and of course having 4 gorgeous men in the group is a plus point! A few thoughts about the PV though is that they just basically kept it simple on that part with shots of them playing their guitars and drums. As for the song, I love the beat and the catchy music but I would have preferred it if they used less English and more Japanese. I know they’re trying their best at their English, but too be honest it still does sound kinda Engrish to me especially at the chorus part (don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge fan of them, but i’m just being honest here).

Besides, their Japanese sounds really good and fluent and I just think it would have been better if they used more of it here. I totally loved Jonghyun’s part at 2:43 which I feel is the best aspect of the song. ♥ The Japanese part at this point sounds so smooth and goes so well with the whole music feel. Overall I think it’s a great song but I personally feel that it would be better fully in Japanese.

[Videos] Seven – “Somebody Else” Music Video

A new treat is in for the Lucky Se7ens out there! Here’s Se7en’s new Japanese music video. It starts off pretty slow with the scene where he’s taking a ride on a bus which is apparently headed out to Se7en City lol. But then we soon get to the chorus part which is pretty catchy along with his smooth dance moves (He’s really a great dancer!). I also find Se7en’s Japanese pronunciation really natural too. No awkwardness there at all. I’m definitely looking forward to hear more Japanese tracks from him! :)

[Bloggings] Thoughts on Akanishi Jin’s Test Drive MV

His music video for Test Drive was released recently which marked his debut in the US. His album is currently ranked at #24 on the US iTunes chart.

[Bloggings] Thoughts on Gummy’s “Sorry” & “Gomen Ne” MV

Gummy’s Japanese version of her “Sorry” music video was uploaded recently onto Youtube and we finally got to see the full video which was breathtakingly beautiful in every way! From Gummy’s beautiful vocals and clear Japanese pronunciation, to T.O.P’s perfect rap parts and beautiful cinematography of the whole video.

There’s been various interpretations on the storyline, but after hearing the thoughts of other’s, here’s what I think it’s about. T.O.P is searching for his loved one who has been reincarnated into a bird. The other lady in this MV is seen with a helmet. So I guess she’s the owner of the scooter parked outside. She gets out of the coffee shop and sees T.O.P driving off with her scooter so she hurriedly stops a random car and chases after him. After she catches up to him. She sees her scooter safely parked outside some kinda bird shop. She decides to peek in and sees T.O.P hurriedly going through the various bird cages. He gives each bird a good look in hopes of identifying his loved one. But he doesn’t find her. He exits and heads over to the scooter in order to continue his search. The lady runs along and decides to help him in his search.

[Video] CN.Blue – In My Head (Japanese MV)

The video looks really amazing! I love how all those things were just flying around from all directions. And the slowed down camera effect really gave the video a dramatic feel to it. Yonghwa sounds amazing as always, but somehow i found Jonghyun’s voice to be the main highlight in this MV. He simply sounds amazing here!

[Recommendation] Shirota Yu: Japanese-Spanish Actor/Singer.

This time around the spotlight is on Shirota Yu. He’s born on 26 December 1985 and is  of a mixed parentage where his mother is Spanish and his dad is Japanese. He can speak Spanish, Japanese and English as he was brought up in Barcelona for a few of years and then moved over to Japan for elementary school. He  attended high school with other big stars such as Yamashita Tomohisa, Akanishi Jin and also Koike Teppei. A school full of talents huh? ;) (more…)

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