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Official Malaysia TVXQ Fan Club

Ok i was lurking around the net and stumbled upon this site. I had no idea Malaysia had their own official fan club. o_o Well yeah im relatively new in this whole fandom. So don’t kill me for not knowing earlier. D: Anyway i quickly searched for the registration part but unfortunately it was already closed by the time i got there. .__. So i sent them an email about the next registration, and they said that the registration will be opened again in the following term (somewhere around next year). So we’ll just have to keep a look out in the updates section and see when the registrations are opened again. ^^

I have to say, the site looks pretty and stylish just like our boys. ;D Here’s some screenshots of the site that i took:

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Does’nt it look great? They’re also currently hosting a singing competition and a year end party on 12th December.  So do check out these activities and events over at the updates section there. ;D

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