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[Recommendation] onelifecrew

I’ve found another talented group through anime. This time it’s from an anime called Fairy Tail. The ending theme song sang by onelifecrew is called Tsuioku Merry Go Round (Carousel Memories). Find out more about this group over at their MySpace account. Also check out their blog (In Japanese).

Here’s the tracklist for their debut single Tsuioku Merry Go Round:

You can buy the single+dvd over at YesAsia||CDJapan||.

Tsuioku Merry Go Round official PV:

You can also listen to the Rock Version here. Personally, i like the original version better because of the piano parts in it, and i think it really gives of a nicer mood to the song. Like i get this bitter sweet slice of life feel out of the song. The rock version is good too, but as the title implies, it’s just more of a rock vibe to the song. Lol and this is a bit random, but that guy in the PV reminds me of my Japanese hairstylist. The hair and the face and all. Really! Haha ok well anyway, in conclusion i think this is a very strong song for their debut single. :D

Another song of theirs that i love is Crossroad. It’s not in the single, but you can check it out over on their music player in MySpace. Or you can also check out the video on youtube. So go have a listen! They’re good! :D

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