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[Bloggings] My Star Collection, Berjaya Times Square

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I went to Berjaya Times Square today for a shopping trip with my friend. Of course i had to stop by My Star Collection. So what’s so great about this shop? Well it may not be anything special to non-kpop fans, but this is definitely the ideal place to be if you are a fan! From various merchandise such as posters, keychains, accessories, light sticks and etc, this little shop definitely offers more than it seems. You can get various kpop albums there too. They can even help you get the album that you want as they directly import their stuff from Korea. I previously bought my “Heartbreaker” album from here which came along with a huge poster of GD. :)


[Photoshop] Junsu on Calvin Klein Billboard

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Here’s something i did for a contest on O! Forum. The task was to design a promotional mode for Junsu endorsing a particular cosmetic item. So i chose the Calvin Klein perfume “Escape”. Then i took Junsu’s pic from the album “Break Out”. The green broken glass was difficult to extract. D: Took some time to extract, duplicate and edit those things to cover a bigger area of the background. Anyway it was a fun experience. xD


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