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[Projects] Baju Melayu for Big Bang

GD&TOP and Seungri of Big Bang are making their way to Malaysia for the first time ever on 24th Sept 2011 for the Korean Music Wave concert. So to make this a memorable trip for them, vips over at MY-VIP will be giving Big Bang a special gift. For those of you who don’t know what a Baju Melayu is, well it’s a traditional costume worn by Malay guys in Malaysia and usually worn during particular festivities and celebrations. Curious on what it looks like? :) Simply google for “baju melayu” and you will see a lot of lovely examples. ;)

It seems that they have already bought a couple of baju melayu’s for them. You can have a look over at MY-VIP’s facebook page. So far it says the deadline is tomorrow (19th Sept). For more details see here.

I’m dying to see them wear these clothes! So i hope someone will post the pics online when they do actually wear it one day (hopefully) lol. xD So in the mean time, i’ve photoshopped T.O.P’s face on a baju melayu. Haha wanna see? Stay tuned…it will be up on my tumblr soon. :D

[Announcement] Sub-Site and Projects

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I’ve opened up a sub-site over at Live Journal specifically for my graphics work such as wallpapers, icons, etc. Basically if you’re mainly interested in only my graphics work, just check up on the updates there ok. But of course i’ll also be posting it here too. So you can still get the updates here as well. It’s just that the updates here will be a mix of my kpop blogging, news, graphics and practically everything else. ;D Visit my Live Journal sub-site here: Link

On another note, i’ve added a new project under the “Projects and Contest” page. It’s a new DBSK project. So do check it out along with the other projects on that page. Also, if you have any other projects or contests which you wish to advertise, do contact me at my email address: purpl3minds@gmail.com.

Frow now on i’ll also be adding the retweet function on my posts. So that you can spread the word easily. :)

Also feel free to follow me on twitter for quick updates: @purple_minds

Official Malaysia TVXQ Fan Club

Ok i was lurking around the net and stumbled upon this site. I had no idea Malaysia had their own official fan club. o_o Well yeah im relatively new in this whole fandom. So don’t kill me for not knowing earlier. D: Anyway i quickly searched for the registration part but unfortunately it was already closed by the time i got there. .__. So i sent them an email about the next registration, and they said that the registration will be opened again in the following term (somewhere around next year). So we’ll just have to keep a look out in the updates section and see when the registrations are opened again. ^^

I have to say, the site looks pretty and stylish just like our boys. ;D Here’s some screenshots of the site that i took:

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Does’nt it look great? They’re also currently hosting a singing competition and a year end party on 12th December.  So do check out these activities and events over at the updates section there. ;D

Site Update

I’ve just realized that my blog has now 1000+ pageviews in just about a month of its opening. Thanks to all of those who visited. =) I’ve now opened up an icon request section where you can requests for icons and there’s now a page specifically for ongoing projects or contests. If you know of any interesting contests or projects going on, you can contact me and i’ll gladly help you promote it on my projects/contest page. And a big thanks goes out to all my lovely affiliates. Glad to have you all as my affiliates. ♥

Expect more graphic designs soon! Im in the middle of exams at the moment. So i’ll only be able to get back to designing after im done with that (16th November onwards). Stay tuned for the goodies. =)

♥ Icon Request Page

♥ Projects and Contests Page

Projects & Contests

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Here’s a list of a couple of Projects and Contests from various sites and blogs related to kpop/jpop. If you have any more projects you know and would like to add it to this list, then drop me a comment here. =)

DBSK Projects

Deadline: None at the moment.

Deadline: 26th June 2010

Hoodie Design Contest

Deadline: 3rd July 2010

C.N Blue Projects

T-Shirt Design Contest

Deadline: 11th July 2010

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