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[Announcement] Site’s Twitter, LiveJournal, & Tumblr

[tweetmeme source=”purple_minds” http://wp.me/pEU4o-kM%5D Hey all! I’ve recently opened up a tumblr account for the site. So some of you may be wondering how i use these various accounts. So i’ll give a brief description on that.

Consider this as the main base. xD All the main updates on my bloggings, news, graphic designs, and etc are posted here. Basically anything and everything i update will be posted here. (more…)

Purple Minds Twitter Page

I’ve finally had the time to make a layout for my new twitter page! :D I decided to make the layout first before opening the account and now that the layout’s done, the account is officially open. :) Lol and yeah the layout is not a single bit purple. I just could’nt think of a nice purple layout. So this one will just have to do. xD

Feel free to follow Purple Minds at: @purple_minds

This account will be used for me to mainly interact with my visitors and also for updates and any other news on the kpop/jpop scene. So if you have any questions or requests, you can just tweet me about it. ;D I’m also looking for affiliates over there. So if you’re interested, just directly tweet me about it or send me an email at the address stated in my contact info. :)

Oh and in other news, i’m closing the March poll.  Seems like the amount of voters are increasing with each poll. Thanks to everyone who participated. Once again it seems Big Bang is the winner.  Lol they’ve won 3 times in a row. Maybe next time i’ll feature different groups in the poll. Well you can tweet me your thoughts on that, and maybe suggest some other groups that i should include in the next poll. I’ll get started on the icon set soon, and the April poll should open soon enough. So be sure to check that out. :D

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