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[Wallpaper] April 2011 Poll Results – SHINee

This wallpaper is for my poll results from way back in April. SHINee won the poll and so here’s the wallpaper as promised. :) I took the concept from their first mini album cover. I loved the whole text style with the lines. So I recreated that look and also added a couple more colorful lines. I was going for a simple and refreshing theme. In this case, I like to stick with the saying “less is more”. Hope you like it. :) For more of my wallpapers, check out the wallpaper section in the “categories” dropdown menu in my sidebar. Also don’t forget to vote in my current poll.

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Kpop Trending Topics

[tweetmeme source=”purple_minds” http://wp.me/pEU4o-cn%5D

Ok so a few days ago, Kpop actually kinda like took over twitter. Was actually supposed to post this up much earlier. But i’ve been having problems with wordpress and it just would’nt post my posts for some reason until now. =__= Anyways,  all the fandoms were busy tweeting away for their fav groups. It was crazy with the rankings fluctuating every now and then. SuJu fans managed to keep the SuJu trend in the 1st spot for a good few hours. It’s amazing. Even TVXQ fans had a hard time beating them. Other fandoms that took part but were not in the TT at the time this screenshot was taken were SNSD, ZEA, and DNA. It’s funny how the Justin Bieber fans took notice of this and started making their own too. It was really interesting to watch all this happen.

I lol’d at Tablo’s reaction to it all. Here i quote his tweet @blobyblo:
“what the hay is goin on wit all these trends?”

Kpop Fandoms Take Over Twitter

It’s valentines day today, and so what are the netizens tweeting? Well a bunch of kpop fans are trending their favorite groups. The screencap above are some of the groups who made it into the trending topic for today. Apparently these fandoms were helping out each other by trending each others tags, and together they made it into the TT. A perfect example where kpop fans unite! :D To all the tweeters, happy tweeting and Happy Valentines Day and also Happy Lunar New Year!

Yoonha Hwang (Pianist)

I was on twitter today and noticed that i had an extra follower. At first i thought it was just one of those random people who just add you out of nowhere. But i decided to just check it out anyway. I was pleasantly surprised to see that the account actually belonged to a talented pianist from South Korea. Well what’s amazing about him is that he plays the piano by ear. He also does a lot of song covers ranging from English to Korean songs. But since this is a kpop site, i’ll just feature the kpop song covers and you can judge it for yourself. I personally think it’s amazing how he can put songs like OH!, Heartbreaker and Ring Ding Dong into a playable melody on the piano. I particularly liked how he did Heartbeat, and Wedding Dress. Koe wo Kikasete was lovely too. ♥ Im surely looking forward to more kpop covers from him. Maybe DBSK’s “Doushitte”, & “Standy By U”, or Big Bang’s “Stay”. In fact, i have a whole lot of songs which i would love him to play. :D

OH! + Genie (SNSD)

Heartbeat (2PM)

Wedding Dress (Taeyang)

Koe wo Kikasete (Big Bang)

Heartbreaker (G-Dragon)

Also hear the rest: || Sorry Sorry Answer (Super Junior) || I don’t Care (2NE1) || Ring Ding Dong (SHINee) || Getting Tired of Waiting (2PM) ||

Yoonha on: || Twitter || Facebook || Youtube || Myspace ||

Fans sends moral support to Key through Twitter.

Recently it was reported on Daily K Pop News and AllKpop that SHINee’s member Key has lost his grandma recently. Fans have responded to this news by sending out moral support to him through twitter. It is currently in 10th place on the trending topics (as of time this post was written). For those who wanna send out some supportive messages to him too, use this tag:


My deepest condolences to him.

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