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[News] JPOP: LAMA releases their 2nd Single Cupid/Fantasy

LAMA is a Japanese band formed in 2011. It’s members are Nakamura Kouji, Furukawa Miki, Tabuchi Hisako and Ushio Kensuke. They’ve recently released their second single Cupid/Fantasy on 26th Oct 2011. I can’t exactly find the videos over on youtube. So i’ve uploaded it onto youtube myself. Only the audio for Fantasy though. This song is also the ending theme song for the new anime called UN-GO. If you like detective-like animes then you may wanna check it out as well. ;) (more…)

[Recommendation] Shirota Yu: Japanese-Spanish Actor/Singer.

This time around the spotlight is on Shirota Yu. He’s born on 26 December 1985 and is  of a mixed parentage where his mother is Spanish and his dad is Japanese. He can speak Spanish, Japanese and English as he was brought up in Barcelona for a few of years and then moved over to Japan for elementary school. He  attended high school with other big stars such as Yamashita Tomohisa, Akanishi Jin and also Koike Teppei. A school full of talents huh? ;) (more…)

[Recommendation] Monkey Majik

[tweetmeme source=”purple_minds” http://wp.me/pEU4o-h3%5D

This group is no ordinary Japanese group. In fact,  it’s a hybrid between Canadians and Japanese. That’s the charm of this group right here! 2 of the group members are Canadians which are the two siblings, Maynard Plant and Blaise Plant. These two are the vocalists/guitarists of the group and are both fluent in Japanese, French and English. The other two group members are Japanese which are Tax (Real name: Takuya Kikuchi) and Dick (this is his stage name i think). o_O Well anyway, Tax is the drummer and Dick is the bassist of the group. Together these 4 guys are Monkey Majik! :D Now lets get on to their music. I have’nt exactly heard all their songs yet because i was just newly introduced to them despite the fact that they’ve been around since like around 10 years already. Lol well here’s some of the one’s i’ve listened to and liked. :)


[Recommendation] onelifecrew

I’ve found another talented group through anime. This time it’s from an anime called Fairy Tail. The ending theme song sang by onelifecrew is called Tsuioku Merry Go Round (Carousel Memories). Find out more about this group over at their MySpace account. Also check out their blog (In Japanese).

Here’s the tracklist for their debut single Tsuioku Merry Go Round:

You can buy the single+dvd over at YesAsia||CDJapan||.

Tsuioku Merry Go Round official PV:

You can also listen to the Rock Version here. Personally, i like the original version better because of the piano parts in it, and i think it really gives of a nicer mood to the song. Like i get this bitter sweet slice of life feel out of the song. The rock version is good too, but as the title implies, it’s just more of a rock vibe to the song. Lol and this is a bit random, but that guy in the PV reminds me of my Japanese hairstylist. The hair and the face and all. Really! Haha ok well anyway, in conclusion i think this is a very strong song for their debut single. :D

Another song of theirs that i love is Crossroad. It’s not in the single, but you can check it out over on their music player in MySpace. Or you can also check out the video on youtube. So go have a listen! They’re good! :D

Yuya Matsushita

I’ve noticed the lack of posts i’ve made on japanese artists. So here’s a feature on a talented artist called Yuya Matsushita. So how did i get to know about this guy? Well it’s all thanks to my love for animes. I recently watched episode one of an anime called Durarara! And the ending theme song was sung by Yuya. The song is called Trust Me, and it sounds great. So before you all give me the weird look and wondering if an anime song would sound good, trust me (yes pun intended) it sounds good!

Info on Yuya Matsushita:
* Born May 24, 1990 (age 20)
* Height: 180cm / Weight: 60kg
* Blood Type: A
* Favorite artists: Michael Jackson, Kanye West, John Legend, Pharrell Williams / N*E*R*D, etc
* Interests: watching movies, fashion
* Favorite fashion brand: Jeremy Scott
* His music: R&B and Hip-Hop based

2006 Recorded “foolish foolish” under producer Nakamura Jin (THSK, Exile).
2008 Signed with Epic Records Japan

Notice how he was produced under the same producer who produced for THSK and EXILE. No wonder his songs sound good! ♥ He even portrayed the character of Sebastian Michaels (guy on the right in pic above if it was’nt already obvious enough) from the popular anime/manga Kuroshitsuji in the musical. Ouh im loving this guy even more now. xD

Here’s his discography:

1. Foolish Foolish (November 26 2008)
# Title
1. Foolish Foolish
2. Mr. “Broken Heart”
3. Foolish foolish (REMIX) [English Ver.]
4. foolish foolish (Instrumental)
5. Mr. “Broken Heart” (Instrumental)

2. Last Snow (January 28 2009)
# Title
2. Close to you
3. I’m Sexy
4. LAST SNOW (Instrumental)
5. Close to you (Instrumental)
6. I’m Sexy (Instrumental)

3. Honesty (August 26 2009)
# Title
1. Honesty
2. Negai ga Kanau Nara…
3. Honesty (Acoustic)
4. Honesty (Instrumental)
5. Negai ga Kanau Nara… (Instrumental)

Koe ni Nara Nakute featuring sista (December 2nd 2009)

4. Trust Me (February 17 2010)
# Title
1. Trust Me
2. Futari
3. Trust Me (Instrumental)
4. Futari (Instrumental)

I’ve tried out all the songs, and i think they’re all nice! Especially Trust Me, Last Snow and Mr Broken Heart. It’s so beautiful. ♥ Btw is it just me, or does he look like Gackt at some scenes with that short hairstyle and pale snowy white skin? Well anyway hope you all enjoy listening to his songs as much as i did. For more info visit his official website and his official blog.

Credits: Beststuff for the info on his bio and wiki and official site for the discography.

Back to Gackt~

I’ve been a fan of him for about 4 years now. But just recently i kinda got sidetracked by the halyu craze and started listening to more korean songs. So now i think it’s time for me to keep myself updated on Gackt again. For those of you who don’t know him, well he’s a famous j-rock/j-pop artist and if you wanna know more, just google him up. Lots of info there. Ok so i have’nt heard his songs since the Flower single which is’nt exactly that long ago. But yeah a few months makes a difference! Like within those few months he released two other singles which are “The Next Decade” and “Setsugekka (The End of Silence)/Zan“. The latter was released 2 days ago. Besides that i also missed out on some of the other older singles such as “Faraway” and “Lost Angel”. So i checked up on those too.

From the Faraway single. Im kinda digging the “No Reason” track song rather than “Faraway”. There’s just that cool rock vibe in it which is just so Gackt. =) As for the Lost Angel single, im really liking both Lost Angel and Oblivious! Though im kinda leaning more towards Oblivious.

Live Performance on Lost Angel

His latest MV Setsugetsuka

If i had to choose my fav amongst all those songs i checked out, well i would have to say Oblivious just caught me. Loving that one! Setsugetsuka was a close one though, because im really loving that one too. As for performance wise, i love his live performance of Lost Angel. I like his look there with the hair, the clothes, the whole stage setting with the feathers coming down. So beautiful!! Really fitting with the song. Ah and i can’t believe how Gackt has grown so much more good-looking as the years goes by! He’s 36 yet he looks so young and mmm hot! Ah and yes he is 36 for those of you who don’t know. Previously his age has been a mystery as it was never revealed to the public. But just recently his age was known to be 36. ;D Well i’ll be blogging more on him from time to time. =D

G-dragon Heartbreaker Mini Album.

I finally had the time to check out GD’s album. Im loving the new techno sounds from this album. It’s very GD. ;D Here’s the list of the song tracks:

01 – A Boy
02 – Heartbreaker
03 – Breathe
04 – Butterfly (Feat. Jin Jung)
05 – Hello (Feat. Dara)
06 – Gossip Man (Feat. Kim GunMo)
07 – Korean Dream (Feat. Tae Yang)
08 – The Leaders (Feat. Teddy, CL)
09 – She’s Gone (Feat. KUSH)
10 – Station 1 Year

Amongst these songs (apart from Heartbreaker), i love Breathe, Station 1 Year, A Boy, Korean Dream, and Gossip Man. The Leaders is pretty good too. Im not really feeling Butterfly though. It’s like ok…but not really GD material. Does’nt sound like something he would sing ya know. ^^; Anyway you can have a listen to those songs by clicking on the song title up there and judge it for yourself. We all have different tastes after all. =)

Talking about GD, i’ve seen a lot of people talking about his cool headphones. It’s a brand by Monster called Beats by Dr Dre. See the pic. It’s just that GD had his customized to be all nice and colorful (which i do love). If i’d ever get a pair of those i’d want mines in purple and white. Mmmm preeettyyy! *__* But of course it comes with a hefty price. Those white ones alone cost $179.95. That’s about RM500+. Geh i dunno if i’d ever spend that much on headphones. But damn they look so sweet! 8D

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