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[Bloggings] Thoughts on MAMA 2011 + Screenshots

This years MAMA was hosted for the first time ever in sunny Singapore. The true winners tonight was mainly Super Junior (3 awards), SNSD (2 awards), and 2NE1 (2 awards) for bagging in multiple awards to their name. They were also the winners for the Daesang Awards.  (more…)

[Wallpaper] February 2011 Poll Results – Super Junior

Yes this is a very much overdue wallpaper. Sorry about that. I’ve been so busy with uni life that i haven’t had any time to open up photoshop at all. Anyway i’ve found some time today and managed to finish one wallpaper. This one is of Super Junior who won my February Poll. There’s 3 resolutions to choose from. So choose the one that fits your screen the best. Enjoy the crazy colors in this one. :) Again sorry for the delay in my wallpapers. I’ll try to work on the March and April one soon. So look forward to that. ^^

Terms and Conditions:

  • Do not upload these anywhere else without proper credit to my site
  • Only for personal use
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[Events] Ask Super Junior A Question!

The people over at K-popped are gonna be selecting a number of questions to be used in the interview by Hot Magazine with Super Junior. Have a question you’ve been dying to know the answer to? Excited? Wondering how you can join in?Well click here to view the details. ;)

Also as most of you SuJu fans already know, Super Junior Super Show 3 will be held in Malaysia on 19th March. Ticketing info can be viewed here.

[News] MTVAsia – Seoul Sunday

[tweetmeme source=”purple_minds” http://wp.me/pEU4o-my%5D

I just saw this updated on the MTV Asia website. Seems like starting from January 2nd 2011, they will be bringing in kpop content on every sunday. :D Check out the info posted on the site:

MTV brings you Sundays filled with music videos, countdown specials, concerts and exclusive interviews with your hot & favorite Korean artists. Be sure to catch big names like 2AM, 2NE1, 4minute, B2ST, Big Bang, F. T. Island, Girls’ Generation, Kara and much more only here on MTV starting 2nd January 2011! (more…)

[Bloggings] SuperJunior Bonamana Parody

[tweetmeme source=”purpleminds” http://wp.me/pEU4o-cv%5D Super Junior’s newly released song “Bonamana” is one of the most talked about song at the moment in the kpop world. It’s even trending now at this moment on twitter. So have you guys actually seen the MV yet? Well i did. Like just about a few hours ago. So what did i think of it? Well it’s pretty catchy actually. But strangely it reminded me of a Tamil song especially the beats of the music and the group dancing thing. Well to my amusement, someone else had also thought so and even made a parody out of it. Thanks to my friend for sending me the link to this funny video!

P.S: Don’t take it seriously. It’s all just for laughs. ;)

So here’s the original music video:

And here’s the parody:

Enjoy! :D

Kpop Trending Topics

[tweetmeme source=”purple_minds” http://wp.me/pEU4o-cn%5D

Ok so a few days ago, Kpop actually kinda like took over twitter. Was actually supposed to post this up much earlier. But i’ve been having problems with wordpress and it just would’nt post my posts for some reason until now. =__= Anyways,  all the fandoms were busy tweeting away for their fav groups. It was crazy with the rankings fluctuating every now and then. SuJu fans managed to keep the SuJu trend in the 1st spot for a good few hours. It’s amazing. Even TVXQ fans had a hard time beating them. Other fandoms that took part but were not in the TT at the time this screenshot was taken were SNSD, ZEA, and DNA. It’s funny how the Justin Bieber fans took notice of this and started making their own too. It was really interesting to watch all this happen.

I lol’d at Tablo’s reaction to it all. Here i quote his tweet @blobyblo:
“what the hay is goin on wit all these trends?”

Super Junior Super Show2 – Malaysia Ticket Status

Guess what? All the RM138 and RM238 tickets are totally sold out! And now only some of the RM458 tickets are left. D: I was just contemplating on getting myself the RM238 ticket. Ahh i’ve missed my chance of going now. RM458 is too much for me to spend on a concert. .___. Im just a student after all. ;___;


Here’s an additional piece of info from Martensia and Axcess websites:

Breaking the record ticket sales of Asian concert in Malaysia, Super Junior, the 2nd Asia Tour “Super Show 2” Live in Malaysia 2010, nearly 40% of the concert tickets were sold out in less than a week during the Ticket Pre-sale. RM138 and RM238 ticket categories were totally sold out. Especially RM138 ticket category was gone within 2 hours of the Pre-Sale itself. Fans started to queue at 7am and the queue lasted for 12 hours, an unseen ticket-grabbing phenomenon over the past decade.

To continue the Super Junior Tsunami, the organizer, Redstar Presents and concert management, Marctensia will kick off the Official Ticket Launch on Saturday, 6 February 2010 at concourse level, Sungei Wang at 12pm. There will be 15% discount on each concert tickets.

At the ticket launch, a dance group named Progression from MY SJ will perform the dance hit “Sorry, Sorry” at the Ticket Launch and provide dance workshop on-the-spot so that all fans can warm up to the song before the concert. There will be games on stage with great prizes to be won!

Super Junior, the 2nd Asia Tour “Super Show 2”Live in Malaysia 2010 is kicking off on Saturday, 20 March 2010, 7pm at Putra Indoor Stadium.


The ticket sales on saturday sounds fun. Progression will be there! If you don’t already know about them, you can check my post on it here. They’ve done dance covers for DBSK too. ;D Ah and the prizes sounds interesting! I wonder what it’ll be. They should give free tickets. *___* I want!!!! D:

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