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[Fancam] Big Bang at London Heathrow: Fans Sang Happy Bday to T.O.P

Check out this fancam of the guys up close as they arrived in Heathrow Airport. I really loved the part where they all sang T.O.P happy birthday. He responded with a wave and that was enough to melt all the fangirls! ♥


[Wallpaper] May 2011 Poll Results – Big Bang

Again, this one is for my poll from back in May where Big Bang had the most votes. This one is yet another simple style wallpaper. I’ve been liking the combination of gray and white recently so i’ve been using that a lot in my designs. To sum up the whole process, I made those colorful boxes added some text and adjusted the lighting. I’m slowly catching up with all my wallpaper “to do” list. The next one will be from Beast. So keep a look out for that one soon. Enjoy~ :)

Terms and Conditions:

  • Do not upload these anywhere else without proper credit to my site
  • Only for personal use

Download: ||1280×800||1440×900||1680×1050||1920×1200||

[Bloggings] Thoughts on Gummy’s “Sorry” & “Gomen Ne” MV

Gummy’s Japanese version of her “Sorry” music video was uploaded recently onto Youtube and we finally got to see the full video which was breathtakingly beautiful in every way! From Gummy’s beautiful vocals and clear Japanese pronunciation, to T.O.P’s perfect rap parts and beautiful cinematography of the whole video.

There’s been various interpretations on the storyline, but after hearing the thoughts of other’s, here’s what I think it’s about. T.O.P is searching for his loved one who has been reincarnated into a bird. The other lady in this MV is seen with a helmet. So I guess she’s the owner of the scooter parked outside. She gets out of the coffee shop and sees T.O.P driving off with her scooter so she hurriedly stops a random car and chases after him. After she catches up to him. She sees her scooter safely parked outside some kinda bird shop. She decides to peek in and sees T.O.P hurriedly going through the various bird cages. He gives each bird a good look in hopes of identifying his loved one. But he doesn’t find her. He exits and heads over to the scooter in order to continue his search. The lady runs along and decides to help him in his search.

[Graphic Design] BigBang Facebook Header

One of my readers requested a Facebook header featuring Big Bang. I don’t usually take in requests other than icon requests. But I suppose this one was pretty simple so i decided to do one. If you wanna use it too, then just follow these steps below:

1. Download the picture files >>> HERE
2. Unzip the file and you should now have a folder with 5 images in it.
3. Go to your Facebook and create a new album. Lets call it “Facebook Header”.
4. Upload all the 5 images into the new album.
5. Tag yourself in each of the images. But make sure to tag yourself in reverse order like this: (Ex: fbheader5, fbheader4, fbheader3, fbheader2, fbheader1)
6. You should end up with the photos arranged nicely like the screenshot above. (more…)

[Fancams] GD&TOP + Seungri performing at F1 Singapore Grand Prix

GD&TOP – KnockOut + Oh Yeah


[Projects] Baju Melayu for Big Bang

GD&TOP and Seungri of Big Bang are making their way to Malaysia for the first time ever on 24th Sept 2011 for the Korean Music Wave concert. So to make this a memorable trip for them, vips over at MY-VIP will be giving Big Bang a special gift. For those of you who don’t know what a Baju Melayu is, well it’s a traditional costume worn by Malay guys in Malaysia and usually worn during particular festivities and celebrations. Curious on what it looks like? :) Simply google for “baju melayu” and you will see a lot of lovely examples. ;)

It seems that they have already bought a couple of baju melayu’s for them. You can have a look over at MY-VIP’s facebook page. So far it says the deadline is tomorrow (19th Sept). For more details see here.

I’m dying to see them wear these clothes! So i hope someone will post the pics online when they do actually wear it one day (hopefully) lol. xD So in the mean time, i’ve photoshopped T.O.P’s face on a baju melayu. Haha wanna see? Stay tuned…it will be up on my tumblr soon. :D

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