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[Bloggings] SuperJunior Bonamana Parody

[tweetmeme source=”purpleminds” http://wp.me/pEU4o-cv%5D Super Junior’s newly released song “Bonamana” is one of the most talked about song at the moment in the kpop world. It’s even trending now at this moment on twitter. So have you guys actually seen the MV yet? Well i did. Like just about a few hours ago. So what did i think of it? Well it’s pretty catchy actually. But strangely it reminded me of a Tamil song especially the beats of the music and the group dancing thing. Well to my amusement, someone else had also thought so and even made a parody out of it. Thanks to my friend for sending me the link to this funny video!

P.S: Don’t take it seriously. It’s all just for laughs. ;)

So here’s the original music video:

And here’s the parody:

Enjoy! :D

Kpop Trending Topics

[tweetmeme source=”purple_minds” http://wp.me/pEU4o-cn%5D

Ok so a few days ago, Kpop actually kinda like took over twitter. Was actually supposed to post this up much earlier. But i’ve been having problems with wordpress and it just would’nt post my posts for some reason until now. =__= Anyways,  all the fandoms were busy tweeting away for their fav groups. It was crazy with the rankings fluctuating every now and then. SuJu fans managed to keep the SuJu trend in the 1st spot for a good few hours. It’s amazing. Even TVXQ fans had a hard time beating them. Other fandoms that took part but were not in the TT at the time this screenshot was taken were SNSD, ZEA, and DNA. It’s funny how the Justin Bieber fans took notice of this and started making their own too. It was really interesting to watch all this happen.

I lol’d at Tablo’s reaction to it all. Here i quote his tweet @blobyblo:
“what the hay is goin on wit all these trends?”

Kpop Fandoms Take Over Twitter

It’s valentines day today, and so what are the netizens tweeting? Well a bunch of kpop fans are trending their favorite groups. The screencap above are some of the groups who made it into the trending topic for today. Apparently these fandoms were helping out each other by trending each others tags, and together they made it into the TT. A perfect example where kpop fans unite! :D To all the tweeters, happy tweeting and Happy Valentines Day and also Happy Lunar New Year!

Kpop Trending Topics

I just checked up on my twitter, and there it was #happybdayjaejoong on the number 1 trending topic (TT). It made it’s way to number one thanks to the fans and other well wishers. I took a screencap from my twitter a while ago, but now the tag is at 2nd place.  >:

Another interesting tag which is on at the moment is #boycottJYPE which is currently on 7th place in the TT. According to the comments there, it appears that the fans are not happy with the whole Jay (2PM)  issue and they want him back. It could also be about Sunmi leaving the Wonder Girls. Kpop is getting a lot of attention on twitter huh.

[Phone Wallpapers & Icons] Jae Bday Special!

Yup it’s officially the 26th of January here, so Happy Birthday JaeJoong! I hope he has an awesome one with his loved ones. ♥ Here’s some stuff i made for this special Jae section. So enjoy~

Terms and Conditions:

  • Do not upload these anywhere else without proper credit to my site
  • Only for personal use

Phone Wallpapers


P.S: If you have twitter, do take part in the trending topic for Jae. #HappyBdayJaejoong is currently at 8th place on the TT. So come help make it to number 1~~♥

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