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Family Outing GD, TOP, and Daesung

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I’ve watched 4 hours of Family Outing today! 8D (Episodes 7 and 8 with GD as the guest and Episodes 34 and 35 with TOP as the guest). This is gonna be a long post! xD

Episode 7 and 8

GD was so funny and cute in these episodes. There was the dance on the “runway” during the fishing time, the cute acts during the games and so many more. Here’s some of the screenshots i took while i watched it. Sorry for the low quality. I streamed it online through youtube. ^^;

During one of the water games, G-Dragon was up against Yoo Jaesuk which named himself C-Dragon. xD Naturally, GD won against CD. Then Daesung was up against Jongshin which also named himself Kaesung. Haha everyone wants to be a part of Big Bang! Jongshin then said to Daesung, “I think Big Bang needs a new member”. At this point GD burst out laughing. xDD In the end Daesung won against Kaesung lol. xD GD then went on for another round of the game but this time with Yeejin. First they were being very cute with each other and did’nt seem like they had any intention of pushing each other off. So when GD dropped his guard, Yeejin showed her true colors and knocked him off in full force. GD’s reaction was so funny! Oh yeah besides this game there was also the “I love you” game. GD was so romantic in this one. His words makes girls melt instantly. ♥

Sitting positions during the game (From left to right): Daesung, Hyori, Jiyong (GD), Yee Jin. Whoever laughs during the game he/she will be kissed by the two people beside them (regardless of gender).

Hyori and Jiyong Couple
GD: Do you want to kiss? Or Get a kiss?
Hyori: *blushes*
GD: Do you want me to laugh? Or do you want me to let it pass? I want to know your honest opinion…i love you.
Hyori: *leans towards GD* Shut up and laugh.
GD: *naturally laughs to that reply*
Hyori and Yee Jin: *kisses GD*
Hyori, GD, and Yee Jin: *blushes*

Hyori and Daesung Couple
Hyori: I love you…Because you brought Jiyong (G-Dragon) today.
Daesung: *speechless for a minute*…then with a straight face “Shut up”
Hyori: Bring T.O.P next week! *smiles* I love you

Episode 34 and 35

TOP was really shy and pretty much quiet throughout most of the first parts of the episodes. But then Daesung stirs things up and we get to hear TOP’s loud voice and playful side after all. xDD

TOP was given the task of handling the angler fish that they caught earlier. He was obviously creeped out by the thing just like everyone else. Lol poor TOP. He’s getting goosebumps and said that throughout his whole life that was probably the most weird thing he touched. xD

Hyori, Chunhee, and TOP sent out to buy sea squirts and parsley.
Hyori: *looks towards Chunhee* Why are you in the middle?
Chunhee: I have to be in the middle so you two…*gets interupted*
Hyori: You know i can’t see TOP at all because of you?!
Chunhee: Just look at me. I’ll look for you and tell you he’s good looking.

Haha lol TOP and Hyori were’nt allowed to get close to each other ever since that kiss from MKMF.

Hyori made some potato pancakes and everyone was looking forward to eating it and even queued up! Lol and Joongkook was feeding them.  Then there was only one piece left and the usual guys scrambled to get it. Surprisingly even TOP queued up for the last piece lol! xD So cute~~~

Jongshin, Jaesuk and TOP were in charge of breakfast the next day and Daesung woke up earlier and watched them get to work. He was ordering his hyung around the whole time. TOP eventually got annoyed and dragged Daesung into the house. Lol it was a funny scene!

While TOP was busy somewhere else, Daesung revealed some secrets about him to Jaesuk and Jongshin. He said that he has a nickname which is Bingu! And he has a special dance too! Daesung even demonstrated it. By the time TOP came back, Jaesuk and Jongshin called him Bingu! Lol poor TOP. *TOP glares at Daesung and Daesung tries to escape but is once again dragged into the house and barely escapes through the window* In the end, they managed to convince TOP to do the bingu dance, and he did it after much hesitation. Lol TOP i still love you!! ♥

There’s a whole lot more funny stuff that went on during these episodes. But explaining it all would take forever. So just go and watch it  ok. ;D

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