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[Fancam] Wonder Girls Live at KLCC Twin Towers 2011

Last night these wonderful girls performed 8 songs at the Twin Tower’s Live concert which was a free event! Yes FREE! I’ve compiled some of their performances from a number of users who have kindly shared their videos on youtube. Check out their performances! I couldn’t find the fancams for This Fool and This Time. So if anyone has it, please let me know and i’ll add it up to this post.

[Bloggings] Mnet MAMA 2010

YG artists swept up most of the awards that night. 2NE1 (including Park Bom’s solo song) won 5 awards, Taeyang with 1 award and Gummy with 2 awards. JYP artists also did rather well with Miss A scoring 2 awards, and 2PM with 3 awards. However similar to last years MAMA, there were a lack of SM artists. A number of them were nominated such as Super Junior, BoA, SHINee and SNSD. But they did not grab a single award which had a number of fans expressing their frustration on twitter. Boices (CN.Blue fans) were also frustrated over the fact that the “Best New Male Artist” award was cancelled, as they had high hopes on CN.Blue scoring that award. Some even stated MAMA=Missing Artists, Missing Awards. Although i understand and kinda agree with what they said, but nonetheless, i think most of the artists who won that night deserved it. So congrats to them. (more…)

[Fancams & Pics] Wonder Girls & 2AM at Moore Theatre

[tweetmeme source=”purple_minds” http://wp.me/pEU4o-f0%5D
A friend of mines attended this awesome concert which was held on 30th June. She took some pics and kindly allowed me to post it here. I’ve also included some other fancams from another person here. Credits to those can be found at the bottom of this post. So here you go! Enjoy the eye-candy. ;) Click on the thumbnails for bigger view on the pics. :)

Kpop Trending Topics

I just checked up on my twitter, and there it was #happybdayjaejoong on the number 1 trending topic (TT). It made it’s way to number one thanks to the fans and other well wishers. I took a screencap from my twitter a while ago, but now the tag is at 2nd place.  >:

Another interesting tag which is on at the moment is #boycottJYPE which is currently on 7th place in the TT. According to the comments there, it appears that the fans are not happy with the whole Jay (2PM)  issue and they want him back. It could also be about Sunmi leaving the Wonder Girls. Kpop is getting a lot of attention on twitter huh.

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