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Yuya Matsushita

I’ve noticed the lack of posts i’ve made on japanese artists. So here’s a feature on a talented artist called Yuya Matsushita. So how did i get to know about this guy? Well it’s all thanks to my love for animes. I recently watched episode one of an anime called Durarara! And the ending theme song was sung by Yuya. The song is called Trust Me, and it sounds great. So before you all give me the weird look and wondering if an anime song would sound good, trust me (yes pun intended) it sounds good!

Info on Yuya Matsushita:
* Born May 24, 1990 (age 20)
* Height: 180cm / Weight: 60kg
* Blood Type: A
* Favorite artists: Michael Jackson, Kanye West, John Legend, Pharrell Williams / N*E*R*D, etc
* Interests: watching movies, fashion
* Favorite fashion brand: Jeremy Scott
* His music: R&B and Hip-Hop based

2006 Recorded “foolish foolish” under producer Nakamura Jin (THSK, Exile).
2008 Signed with Epic Records Japan

Notice how he was produced under the same producer who produced for THSK and EXILE. No wonder his songs sound good! ♥ He even portrayed the character of Sebastian Michaels (guy on the right in pic above if it was’nt already obvious enough) from the popular anime/manga Kuroshitsuji in the musical. Ouh im loving this guy even more now. xD

Here’s his discography:

1. Foolish Foolish (November 26 2008)
# Title
1. Foolish Foolish
2. Mr. “Broken Heart”
3. Foolish foolish (REMIX) [English Ver.]
4. foolish foolish (Instrumental)
5. Mr. “Broken Heart” (Instrumental)

2. Last Snow (January 28 2009)
# Title
2. Close to you
3. I’m Sexy
4. LAST SNOW (Instrumental)
5. Close to you (Instrumental)
6. I’m Sexy (Instrumental)

3. Honesty (August 26 2009)
# Title
1. Honesty
2. Negai ga Kanau Nara…
3. Honesty (Acoustic)
4. Honesty (Instrumental)
5. Negai ga Kanau Nara… (Instrumental)

Koe ni Nara Nakute featuring sista (December 2nd 2009)

4. Trust Me (February 17 2010)
# Title
1. Trust Me
2. Futari
3. Trust Me (Instrumental)
4. Futari (Instrumental)

I’ve tried out all the songs, and i think they’re all nice! Especially Trust Me, Last Snow and Mr Broken Heart. It’s so beautiful. ♥ Btw is it just me, or does he look like Gackt at some scenes with that short hairstyle and pale snowy white skin? Well anyway hope you all enjoy listening to his songs as much as i did. For more info visit his official website and his official blog.

Credits: Beststuff for the info on his bio and wiki and official site for the discography.

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