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About Me

Name: Eva

Nicknames: Chibi Misao, Misao, Miso Soup

Country: Malaysia

Also around at: Twitter

Fav K-Artists: DBSK, Big Bang

Fav J-Artists: Gackt

Currently a big fan of: JaeJoong (DBSK) and TOP & GD (Big Bang).

Interests: Anime, Final Fantasy, Jpop, Jrock, and K-Pop

Hobby: Designing wallpapers, icons, and etc.

Contact me at: purpl3minds@gmail.com

Comments on: "About Me" (41)

  1. hello! =)
    im a newbie to this website =)
    hehe i love DSBK too
    (mb u can tell from mi username)
    but, anyway, nice blog

    • Thanks for dropping by and glad you like my blog. :D
      Good to see that you’re a DBSK fan too. Their songs are so beautiful. <3

  2. yumilee said:

    hey. this blog is just awesome. keep it up :)

  3. Post more news about Jang Geun Suk :P

  4. Hey there!
    Loving your website and ahhhhhhh you live in Malaysia 8D! I used to live in KL and miss it dearly ;A;.
    Btw, I read your post about the “My Star Collection” store which sells K-Pop…is there such a store in KL which sells any J-Rock or J-Pop at all do you know?
    Thank you =^-^= !!

    • Thanks! Glad u enjoy my site. :) And nice to meet another fellow Malaysian. :D
      If you’re looking for cds and dvds, then you can get them at most music stores. I know Rock Corner sells a number of these jpop/jrock albums and cds there. They have outlets in Midvalley, Bangsar Village, Subang Parade, The Curve, 1Utama, Sogo and Pertama Complex.

      If you’re looking for both merchandise and albums, then i think My Star Collection also sells those. Their shop sells stuff from Korea, Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong. I guess they’re more popular for selling kpop stuff. But you should probably be able to find jpop/jrock stuff from there too. :)

      • Omg there are quite a far few stores there =D!
        You wouldn’t happen to know what kind of J-Rock or J-Pop they sell would you? It’s just that a friend of ours who lives in Malaysia at the moment is coming next week and he offered to bring some items and seeing as the U.K. doesn’t sell J-Rock, J-Pop or K-Pop in the stores I thought maybe he could find me something =).

        (I’m sorry for all the questions D= !!! <3~!)
        *Throws cookies over as thanks*!

        • Aww sorry i’m not really sure what kinda albums they have. But they should have those popular ones such as Arashi, News, etc.

          You can ask your friend to call up the shop and ask them what cds they have. Or you can try sending them an email about it. Here’s a list of contact details for the Rockcorner outlets in Malaysia: http://www.eastern.com.my/contact.asp (Btw the contact details are the ones listed at the bottom. Ignore the “Eastern Records” details at the top.)

          As for the contact details of My Star Collection, it’s in that post that you read earlier. ;) Hope that helps and good luck getting those items that you want. :)

        • Oh okay =).
          Thank you so much for all your help ^-^!!!
          *Throws lotsa cookies and nice things over*!

        • You’re welcome dear. :) Glad i could help. xD

  5. hey good to know u have tumblr too!!!
    wads ur tumblr add?? :)))
    i love dbsk bb and ofc 2pm my top most bias group!!!! hahas

  6. lol i heard b4 Gackt and Monkey Majik !!!! hahas but dont know much abt them.. so Monkey Majik are not mix??? i all along thought they are mix mang, omygosh.
    yah sure i will check it..my bias is arashi, kattun, winds..but mostly kattun hahas :)))
    **** Gackt voice is very powerful !!!!

  7. Lol, hey hey XD I guess my username will give you a giveaway on who i am in animepaper :)) Still making some good art eh! you should make one for me one time. XD

    • Oh hello. Nice to see AP people visiting my site. :D I’m planning on doing a twitter layout giveaway for christmas. You can join that if u like. :) I’ll be posting the details sometime later. :D

  8. liyanayoon90 said:

    Hai~~:D…i’ve just discovered your page here..and it’s AwEsome!!..since im really2 into bigbang like crazy…i hope you can share any info about themm..especially if they might wanna drop to KL in the future haha~~ :DD

    • Hello Liyana. :) Thanks for dropping by. Glad you enjoy my site. It’s nice to know that you’re a fellow vip too. ;) I’ll surely post any updates on Big Bang events in Malaysia if there is any in the future. I’ve been dying for them to have a concert here. Hopefully one day they will stop by and have a concert for us. ;D

  9. Atiq Hj Idris said:

    Hi, glad to see Malaysia’s Big Bang Fans here…more updates about Big Bang okeh?hehe…

    • Hello Atiq. Welcome to my blog. :) Nice to see yet another Malaysian vip here. ;) Yeah sure i’ll be updating about Big Bang for sure! So keep a look out for those updates. ;)

      I dunno if you already know about this, but there’s a survey going on in FB and Redstar is planning on organizing a Big Bang, 2AM, and Miss A concert here in Malaysia. Go to this link: http://on.fb.me/eJvK1G Help click “attend”, and maybe we can see Big Bang here this year! :D

      • Atiq Hj Idris said:

        Kamsahamnida! for sure I’ll wait for your updates..I just checked out the link and I accidently clicked ‘attend’..haha…hope this will come true..I also follow you on twitter!

  10. hella said:

    hey, just curious bout something, r u a girl or a boy? how old r u actually? n where do u study? hehe, sorry to ask these type of ques, if it bothers u just ignore it, thankie :D btw, nice blog u got here, keep it up!

    • Hi Hella. I’m a girl and studied in Monash University. Just finished studying there a month ago actually. :) And thank you~ Glad you enjoy my blog. :D

  11. Annyeong haseyo, please post more news about big bang for me>.. I’m glad that you want help me.. i love big bang! Kamsahamnida.^_^

  12. Hello! =) I just found this website yesterday from a picture. I love BIGBANG!^^ And I really love your photo edits. I love to edit pictures also. But I am not good in editing. BTW, which photo editor you use? And I also have a Facebook page, can you let me have the permission to share you edited pictures on my page.? Thanks! =D

  13. I’m big fan of ARASHI {JAPANESE BOY BAND} …
    TSUKI ….

  14. anonymous said:

    Hi~ I live in Malaysia kl too and I am a big fan of GACKT but I can’t find any album that sells his album~ I searched in rock corner in midvalley and they said they’re not selling. Any help? Sorry for the trouble~

  15. Hey,
    Awesome blog, I found you by one of your wallpapers: G-Dragon and TOP. (I’m guessing you created it). I love BigBang also!
    Who’s your fave? Mines TOP. <3
    Keep up the great work fellow blogger.
    Daisy x

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