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Jae Joong Icons

Made these last night at about 2am in the morning. o_O Yeah i tend to do things at crazy times. =/ Here i’ve got two main themes. Joongies’ sexy side and his cute dorky side. So enjoy the icons, and please give credit when used. Or else Jae Joong oppa willl be sad! ;__;

Comments on: "Jae Joong Icons" (5)

  1. xDD
    thanks for sharing~

  2. i knew my comment would get cut off >>

    anyway, i said I’m gonna use one for the ro forums xD o/

  3. Lol no probs. I’ll be making more soon. 8D

  4. Eva!!!! Wat is this!!!!! LOL!!!!

  5. Lol Becca don’t tell me you’ve never seen icons before. xDD It’s a hobby of mines along with many other graphic design works i do. Oh and btw this is my korean/japanese blog. So don’t get weirded out if you see a lot of posts related to JaeJoong/DBSK/G-dragon/etc…hahaha

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