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Big Bang is back and one word to sum it up is genius! Their music has really matured a lot and i’m glad to hear that there’s a whole variety of music packed into one album. But before I go on and explain why I like each track, I need to admit to one thing. Well honestly I was listening to the tracks like 2am in the morning. Probably due to the lack of sleep, I just didn’t “feel” some of the songs like Ain’t no Fun and Love Dust. BUT! Yes but….after having a good night sleep and listening to the tracks again, I instantly liked all the songs. But take note that I said like. Not love. The ones that I truly love and can’t get enough are Blue, Bad Boy, Wings and Fantastic Baby. So i’ll just write some little notes here on my thoughts about each track.

Track 1: Intro

Like all their other intro songs, this one is really catchy too! It’s also the perfect track to start off the album as it literally shouts out to the world that Big Bang is still alive (ooooh yeah!!).

Track 2: Blue

Now this one has to be my fav track out of the whole list. It’s not exactly flashy or anything, but something about the mellow melody and the beautifully-done MV just makes it really perfect! I can’t remember how many times i’ve had this one stuck on repeat. ♥ Seems like everyone else seems to be addicted to this too since there’s already more than 10 million views since a week of its’ release.

Track 3: Love Dust

I originally didn’t really like this track because I felt it was a bit too plain. But now after i’ve heard it after a couple more listens, the song is growing on me. It feels like a fun song to sing along to.

Track 4: Bad Boy

This is also one of my favs from the album. If I were to rank it, I would say it shares the number 1 spot along with Blue. It’s the type of song I would really enjoy listening to on a nice cruise in the car.

Track 5: Ain’t no Fun

Here is another track which I wasn’t really into at first. But once again the magic of listening to it over and over again worked. I can now honestly say that I like it! As the title says “Ain’t no fun”, hence that’s probably why I think they’re singing in a low dragging kinda tone at some parts to portray the “no fun” feel. Especially TOP’s part lol. But contrary to the song title, I actually think this is a fun kinda song.

Track 6: Fantastic Baby

This one is definitely a club banger. The heavy electro beats and quick pace makes this one of the most liveliest tracks on the album. We also get T.O.P going Boom Shakalaka all over the song and leaving us all saying “wow fantastic baby” after the whole song. I can totally imagine the MV for this one being a big hit.

Track 7: Wings (Daesung’s Solo)

A beautiful solo song from Daesung. I’ve always loved his voice and he has this whole rock feel in this one. I’m really digging the chorus with his high notes too. I feel this song really utilized Daesung’s vocal talents.

So those were my thoughts on each of the tracks from this mini album. Overall there was a whole range of music presented among the tracks and I enjoyed every one of them. I’m glad I placed a preorder on this album earlier. Now I’ll just camp out in front of my front door and wait for the postman to deliver it to my doorstep! 8D I ordered the T.O.P version with the poster btw. So i’ll probably do a post about it once it arrives. Keep a look out for that! ;D

Note: Check out what’s inside the album packaging and more closeups here.

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